2nd Aspire Embassies Futsal Tournament in Qatar

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India, Jordan, Sudan, Qatar and Syria enter quarter-finals

April 25 2018

After three weeks of thrilling matches involving 16 teams, the 2nd Aspire Embassies Futsal Tournament organised by Aspire Zone Foundation has now entered its final stages.

The hard-fought group stage will culminate in a final day of qualifiers taking place this coming weekend as teams battle it out for the last few spots in the quarter-finals.

The third round of matches took place last Friday and Saturday and resulted in a number of high scoring matches: India defeated Kenya 4-3; Ethiopia defeated Kazakhstan 8-1; Sudan defeated France 6-3; Jordan defeated Algeria 9-1; Somalia defeated South Africa 9-0; Qatar defeated Djibouti 5-3; Syria defeated Aspire 7-1; and a close fought match between Great Britain and Spain ended in a 5-5 draw.

The results mean that India, Jordan, Sudan, Qatar and Syria are through to the quarter finals, with a number of other Embassy teams set to compete this weekend for the final few places.
The final group stage matches will take place tomorrow and on April 28 from 5:00 to 8:00pm. Tomorrow, Kenya will play against Kazakhstan; Ethiopia will play against India; and Jordan will play against Sudan.

On Saturday, South Africa will play against Qatar; Somalia will play against Djibouti; Aspire will play against Great Britain; and Spain will play against Syria.

AZF has brought the Embassy’s Futsal tournament back by popular request. It reflects the organisations continued efforts to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among community members of all ages, and to provide a vibrant environment for people to enjoy.

Football fans are also welcome to attend the tournament and cheer on their favourite teams.

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