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Bidders, calendar for new U19 Futsal EURO

Thursday 12 April 2018

Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Russia and Ukraine are interesting in staging the first U19 Futsal EURO in September 2019.

Seven nations are in the running to host the first UEFA European Under-19 Futsal Championship final tournament from 8 to 14 September 2019.

The new competition was announced last year by the UEFA Executive Committee as part of a revamp of UEFA's futsal competitions and will conclude with an eight-team final tournament. The identity of the hosts will be announced on 27 September.

The following associations declared an interest in hosting the first final tournament of the UEFA European Under-19 Futsal Championship:

-> Croatia
-> Georgia
-> Hungary
-> Latvia
-> Portugal
-> Russia
-> Ukraine

Bidding dates
13 April: Bid requirements made available to the bidders
15 May: Staging agreement and Undertakings provided to the bidders
25 July: Bid dossier submission deadline
27 September: Appointment of the host association by the UEFA Executive Committee

Competition calendar

Qualifying draw: 1 November 2018
Preliminary round (if required): 2126 January 2019
Main round: 2631 March 2019
Final Tournament: 814 September 2019

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