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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Ukraine vs Spain 0-1 (0-1)

Closed game
After a very entertaining game (maybe not for Azeri fans), the Ukraine vs Spain clash started in a different way. Venancio team looked more determined and concentrated with respect to previous games but found the Kosenko's roster in the same conditions. In other terms no clear chances to score in the first ten minutes of the challenge, though Ukraine accumulated three fouls in just five minutes.

Little changes
Minute 12', finally Spain found some room in the ukrainian defence: in just few seconds Alex attempt is denied by Ivanyak, while Pola shot after a brilliant iberian counter-attack ends out.

Ukraine answer
Kosenko called his roster time-out and after that a more confident Ukraine had their first real chance with a Korolyshyn shout not destinated to the spanish goal. More accurate Petro Shoturma one minute later, but Paco Sedano is there to deny. Good and bad news for Ukraine, that in the meanwhile reach their first foul with 5 minutes left in the first half.

Pola opener and again "lonely scorer"
With a little help from Ivanyak, Pola opened the score at minute 17': not a terrific shot but good enough to break the strong yellow and blue defence. Half time score: Ukraine 0, Spain 1 (game attendance: 2351 futsal fans).

Pediash close
After five minutes spent without thrilling moments to remember, Ukraine get very close with the tie with a magnificent long distance volley by Pediash, bad luck. Spain's answer was fast: Miguelin and Lin caused some reasons to be worried for Ivanyak.

Minute 30': great stuff from Spain
A lesson of futsal just before the half of the second part: in 3-4 passes Spain (the last one by man of the match by Futsalplanet.com) Rafa Usin was something magic) reached the Ukrainan goal but Lin could not score.
Kosenko's move came from the introduction of Petro Shoturma as flying keeper

Four minutes
With this limited amount of time left in the game, Kosenko used again his time-out chance to arrange one more time the 5vs4, once again through Shoturma in the pitch, in the aim to reach at least the extra time "life-extension".

Spain through
Lin missed the final "signature" on the match, putting out an inviting ball, while Shoturma entered again with 58 seconds left but Ukraine, as in the rest of the game, looked not comfortable with this solution. For Venancio Lopez's guys once again a minimal lead was enough to advance in the tournament. Will that be fine also for Kazakh challenge on thursday?


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