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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Slovenia vs Russia 0-2 (0-0)

Hot venue for local heroes
The Stozice Arena was literally burning when hosts Slovenia and rivals Russia kicked off the game. Portuguese referee Fernandes Coelho wanted immediately to avoid fights in the pitch with the first yellow card (38 seconds in the game) of captain Igor Osredkar: just image the local fans reaction.

First chances
Just in the middle of first half (previously Ziga Ceh shot went out, almost five minutes in the game), when the initial nerves battle left more room for playing, Slovenia was dangerous through Cujec, while hosts were in need of an unbelievable save by Puskar to get saved from the Niyazov touch from short distance.

Puskar, slovenian wall
Abramov, Eder twice, Abramov again and Niyazov: Russia took control of the game and was very close to the lead. Unfortunately for Skorovich's hopes they found an impassable wall in Damir Puskar, celebrated as an hero by the local torcida. Goalless half time in Ljubljana.

Back in the pitch
No news in the second half, as the battle continued the same way. Just one goal could change the team behaviour. And this came through the perfect counter-attack run by Chishkala and ended with Eder Lima winning touch. 0-1 and Dobovicnik immediately reacting with Alen Fetic in as flying keeper.

Efforts denied
Slovenia then produced everything in their chances (considering the amount of minutes played by Cujec, Fidersek, Fetic and captain Osredkar) to take at least the game to the extra time. Cujec playing in the centre was dangerous with his shots/passes for Osredkar who came close to the tie in a couple of times, same as Fidersek with long distance shots. Though, none of them was good enough to overcome the Zamtaradze's resistance.

Robinho, game over
With just 24 seconds left and a desperate Slovenia trying to stay alive in Euro 2018, an initial chance for Abramov was then realized by man of the match by Futsalplanet.com Robinho with no more time for the local comeback.


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