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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Romania vs Ukraine 2-3 (2-1)

Savio chance, Savio goal
After their defeat vs Portugal, Romania entered in the pitch with just one target. This explains the immediate great chance missed by Savio. After some mutual chances and more ukrainian efforts by the Grytsyna brothers, Romania capitalized their apparent higher quality with an impressive shot by, again, Savio.

Matei, one more unlucky masterpiece. Ignat hits again
After "risking" to score an ubelievable goal vs Portugal, the Romanian giant did it again, having the crossbar as main enemy. Also, Robert Lupu started to play with Mimi Stoica as flying keeper, as done in the previous game. Their bravery was awarded later, when Florin Ignat proved to be faster than Ukraine guardian Ivanyak and scored the 2-0 lead, with the consequent time-out by a dejected coach Kosenko.

Ukraine out of darkness in 30 seconds
The first half came to the end with Ukraine just unable to find clear chances to score and no risks for Romania. Ironically a free-kick with 30 seconds left allowed Taras Korolyshyn to beat Tonita and few seconds later Razuvanov had even the chance to equalize. 19.30 seconds in the dark, 30 seconds of light.

Revamped Ukraine vs Lupu' strategy
The real Ukraine came in the second half: one more big chance for Razuvanov (hitting the goalpost) and a dangerous free kick by Korolyshyn suggested changes to Lupu (missing Savio due to injury). So again, Stoica in the pitch with the black keeper shirt and game back to the Romanian way. Ukraine was then in need of the best Ivanyak (back on playing in his country league after the recent troubles experienced by Dina Moscow) to be saved from a double attempt by Csoma and Stoica.

Pediash equalizer, Lupu sent off
When Romania seemed to be again in control a shot by Oleksandr Pediash found the unlucky touch of Ignat and ended in the Tonjta's net for the 2-2 tie (minute 28). Something from the previous action caused complaints from the Romanian bench, with the consequence of a red card for head coach Robert Lupu.

Final fight: Ukraine advance with Portugal
The battle of nerves (especially the romanian ones, in front of a poor attendance of 796 fans) characterized the game ending. On one side Ukraine seemed to get the draw as a comfortable score waiting for their final clash vs Portugal, while Ukraine realized the need for a win and kept on playing with the flying keeper. Ironically a huge chance for Marius Matei in the dying seconds of the game turned into the winning counter-attack of Ukraine, with man of the match Petro Shoturma's shot on the empty goal. This meant the Romanian farewell to Slovenia at the end of the most disputed game of Euro 2018 so far, as well as the Portuguese and Ukrainian access to quarter finals.


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