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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

France vs Azerbaijan 3-5 (1-1)

Tiago Bolinha, attempt 1, 2, 3 and goal!
France was not the same admired vs Spain in the first minutes of the game. On the other side an impressive Tiago Bolinha, man of the match by Futsalplanet.com could be stopped by Haroun in three great chances but the fourth was the right one, as he touched a shot by Fineo. 1-0 Azerbaijan.

N'Gala equalizer
It was finally time for one of the Best Player of the World nominees to give some life signals. A strong central shot found Huseynli not ready as probably covered by some players in the azeri area: 1-1.

No more goals
Once again was Tiago Bolinha the most dangerous guy in the Azeri's roster, even hitting the goalpoast with just five seconds left in the first half. On the other side along with N'Gala emerged once again the talent of Abdessamad Mohammed, so far one of the most interesting players of the tournament.

Immediate advantage, Tiago Bolinha's hat trick
One more mistake by Huseynli allowed Mohammed to score after just five seconds in the second half. Good news for Azerbaijan: Tiago Bolinha is still on the first half shape and in just two minutes changed the score through two more goals, also helped by Fineo and Eduardo precious assists.

Galo's strike
Almost reaching the middle of second half it was time for Galo to beat Haroun with a perfect volley strike: Azerbaijan seemed now to be in control of the game, while France was unable to defend as they did in their perfect job vs Spain.

Flying keeper, Eduardo punishes France
With about four minutes left Pierre Jacky's time out leaded to the expected flying keeper with Mohammed replacing Haroun. Not a good option for France maybe not yet ready for this solution: Eduardo stole the ball for an easy 2-5 shot on the empty french goal.

Mouhoudine, little consolation prize
In the last efforts of the match finally France managed to take advantage from the goleiro-linha tactics and scored through Souheil Mouhoudine: too late.


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