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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Serbia vs Italy

First chances, missed.
Serbia and Italy went to the middle of first half in a goalless score. In the "Belgrade Arena" (Serbian fans dominating the scene, for a total attendance of 3527 people watching) Gabriel Lima immediately realized that Aksentijevic was back in the goal for Serbia. Then a shining combination by Peric and Rajcevic took to the final touch of Rakic, out for a matter of centimeters.

Peric is back, Merlim outstanding
The match had two main characters in serbian star Marko Peric and Italy's "Babalu" Merlim: some great performances that illuminated the Stozice Arena though not coming to the desired happy ending.

No news at half time
Nothing changed till the end of the first half: both teams had chances to break the balance (with special regard to a terrific shot by Kocic ended on the crossbar) but Mammarella and Aksentijevic answered just "no, thanks".

The big war: Aksentijevic vs Merlim
Italy started better than Serbia in the second half, with a playing style mainly based on the 1vs1 impressive skills of Merlim. But the serbian giant in the goal denied an impressive amount of goal attempts, turning into the undisputed protagonist on the blue ground as well as the man of the match by Futsalplanet.com.

Tomic found the key
The fifth italian foul by Murilo was fatal to Italy, as on the consequent free kick the first shot by Kocic was denied, but then Tomic found the space to defeat Honorio and Mammarella defence. Serbia 1, Italy 0.

De Luca, the equalizer
Italy was strong enough to react in just two minutes, with Massimo De Luca scoring in the italian smart throw-in.

Final minutes, definitive tie
An intense atmosphere characterized the last part of the game, as something was going to happen with the score. But it was a day for goalkeepers rather than strikers and the final whistle found Serbia and Italy anchored on the 1-1 draw, with Ivancic boys forced to wait for the Slovenia vs Italy clash on saturday.


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