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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Poland vs Kazakhstan 1-5 (0-4)

Perfect start
After two minutes and six seconds there's a reason why Blazej Korczynski was forced to ask for a time-out. Taynan has just scored the Kazakh advantage, after a series of chances for the Cacau roster. The dreamed beginning for Kazakhstan, waiting for Polish reaction.

Higuita in troubles but safe, Kazakhstan even better
Ironically the only real chance for Poland went through a long and wrong pass addressed to the Higuita hands: a little mistake by one of the best keepers in the world almost allowed the polish equalizer. Once the fear was over captain Suleimenov found the right assist for the 2-0 easy touch of Birzhan Orazov. Hard times for Poland.

Half time: 0-2? Nope. 0-3? Not even
The rest of the first part (game attendance: 1930) was not as entertaining as the beginning: Kazakhstan controlled the game and Poland was just unable to repeat their brilliant game vs Russia. Also, in the last minute their situation became even worst when a perfect counter attack by Kazakhstan made Zhamankulov score the third. A desperate Poland even registered their sixth foul with just 31 seconds left Pershin double penalty was good enough: 0-4 and, finally, half time.

Solecki consolation
A more balanced second half registered mutual chances and Poland found some confidence back. Too late to re-open the match, but they could at least celebrate a magnificent shot on goal by Dominik Solecki. With five minutes left Kubik entered the pitch as flying keeper but Poland didn't manage to defeat the Kazakh wall. A wrong pass determined the sixth foul for the red and whites but this time Pershin had mercy.

Douglas final verdict
In one brilliant action by Kazakhstan the man of the match (Futsalplanet opinion!) Taynan hit the crossbar before Douglas volley proved to be too hard to save for Kaluza: 1-5.


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