UMBRO Futsal Awards 2017

UMBRO Futsal Awards 2017 - Best National Team of the World: nominees
National selections, pride of every futsal country and result (or at least so it should supposed to be) of the local "school"! Day 5 of the UMBRO Futsal Awards 2017 is here and we move from individual names to "groups", as futsal is basically a team sport though obviously and clearly composed of magnificent interpreters.

So, today we release the nominees for the Best National Team of the World awards category, get ready!

This list is, as usual, coming from a combination of worldwide futsal powers that confirmed their status and nations which registered a dramatic improvement till celebrating unexpected achievements.

So, up to our experts jury now to decide which selection will turn into the winner of the Best National Team of the World prize!

UMBRO Futsal Awards 2017

18th edition by Futsalplanet.com

Best National Team of the World


(in strict alphabetical order!)



Brazil Women



Iran Under 20




Thailand Women

Previous Editions Winners
2016 -> Argentina (CONMEBOL)
2015 -> Spain (UEFA)
2014 -> Brazil (CONMEBOL)
2013 -> Brazil (CONMEBOL)
2012 -> Brazil (CONMEBOL)
2011 -> Brazil (CONMEBOL)
2010 -> Spain (UEFA)
2009 -> Iran (AFC) (special mention: Brazil Women)
2008 -> Brazil (CONMEBOL)
2007 -> Brazil (CONMEBOL)
2006 -> not celebrated
2005 -> not celebrated
2004 -> Spain (UEFA)
2003 -> Italy* (UEFA)

* in this edition also clubs were included in the same category

UMBRO Futsal Awards 2017 - Best National Team of the World: nominees

UMBRO Futsal Awards 2017


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