Goalkeeping: article by Dusan Matic

Dusan Matic
The difference between average, excellent and top-notch goalkeepers

by Dusan Matic

We often hear this question: what is the most important thing for a goalkeeper? Is it the technique, or tactics, physical predispositions, mental stability? The only logical answer that immediately comes to mind is: All of that combined, plus “something” else too!

It is clear that we cannot have one without the other, but the level of quality of the “final product” – the goalkeeper – depends on the share of each of those elements individually. Those are the subtle nuances that make all the difference between an average, an excellent, and a truly top-notch goalkeeper!

For a goalkeeper to fall into the “average” category, the first three of the above elements are sufficient: technique, tactics, and physical predispositions. Depending on the level of those elements, the goalkeeper’s performance will be outstanding in one match, poor in the second, mediocre in the third, and so on. As a rule, goalkeepers on this level think about futsal seriously ONLY when they are on the pitch!

“Excellent” goalkeepers possess the element of mental stability as well. Along with the first three elements, the psychological preparation gives them the continuity that elevates them to a higher level of performance, but there is still something missing to make them absolutely superb. This group of goalkeepers think about futsal for some time even when they are not on the pitch.

However, when we talk about “world-class” goalkeepers, it is a completely different level. You can tell the difference just by talking to them. They have that “something” which clearly sets them apart from everybody else, and that is commitment and an overwhelming desire to improve themselves! On and off the pitch, futsal is often on their mind.

I am sure that after reading this text, many will argue that such commitment takes a lot of sacrifice, that it is an investment in something that is far from certain, and say many other things. However, all those who feel that way should know that everything in life comes at a price. The only question is how much you are willing to pay. Top-notch goalkeepers have paid that price and for that they deserve our admiration!


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