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EDSYO open futsal night tournament kicks off

Open Futsal Night Tournament, organized by East Dimapur Sumi Youth Organization (EDSYO), kicked off Tuesday at A1 Power Play, Dargopathar, Dimapur with Block Development Officer (BDO) Phoishe Zhimomi as chief guest.

Addressing the players, the chief guest lauded the organizing committee for providing a platform to promote sportsmanship and a culture of non-violence. He urged the organisers to take up leadership roles and continue to create more arenas to bring oneness.

To become a good sportsperson, one should be well equipped with good discipline and sportsmen spirit, said the chief guest while calling on the players to give their best and to compete in spirit of sportsmanship. He also urged the players to take the opportunity to come closer with one another.

“Participation in sports can built self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline and can motivate oneself to higher aspiration,” he said.

Also highlighting on the importance of games and sports, Zhimomi asserted that all are winners in sports. And, in the long run, active and continued participation in sports and athletics would pay rich dividends in terms of fitness, well being and happiness, he added.

He also encouraged the players to grab the opportunity to showcase their talent and spirit of comradeship.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by EDSYO member Hotoka Zhimomi, welcome speech was delivered by EDSYO president Reuben Sumi and God’s blessing was invoked by NCRC Sumi P/B youth pastor Tovi Chophy. The oath of conduct was administered by EDSYO sports secretary Ngukato Wotsa.

The opening ceremony was followed by an exhibition match between EDSYO members and youth standing committee.

Altogether 58 teams are taking part in the tournament.

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