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Welcome Home Reed
Welcome Home Reed

Courtesy: Manchester Futsal

Manchester have wasted no time in making changes to the senior set-up during the summer break with another big announcement that Doug Reed will return to the club where he started his futsal career. Following previous spells at the club, Reed returns ready to have an influence on the team in the 17/18 FA Futsal Super League season as well as taking up a coaching role at Manchester.

We spoke to the England Futsal International to get his view on what the 'return home' means to him this time round, and where he is looking to have an influence this season.

1. What does it feel like to be back in Manchester?
"I came to Manchester for university and it is where I began my journey in futsal which has led to so many amazing experiences. It is nice to be back around old friends. You can see the city has developed since I was last here but, most noticeable, is how the club has grown with lots of activities and projects going on. Manchester is a well-known city of sport but it is becoming a city of futsal as well."

2. What are you looking forward too?
"I am really looking forward to starting pre-season and training with the team. I know we can build something really special here so I am just excited to begin preparations for the challenges ahead as soon as possible."

3. What are your targets for 17/18 season?
"I never really set specific targets but I know, with the talent in the squad, we just need an unrelenting commitment to doing our best to have a successful season. The club has always been in and around the fight to win trophies but still only has one major title. This has to change."

4. What other roles will you get involved with at the club?
"Futsal is my passion so I have always enjoyed getting involved in lots of projects off the court throughout my career and MFC will give me further opportunities to do this. We have discussed a few ideas that we want to develop."

"I am already working with Chairman Simon Wright to bring experts over for a futsal seminar in a couple of weeks and MFC will provide the players for the practical.
I will take responsibility for the U14s as I have always enjoyed coaching. I will try to develop them as players and people as well as instilling them with a love for futsal."

Speaking of the return of one of his very first recruits at Manchester, Chairman Simon Wright spoke of what this means for the club;

"Doug is a true professional. 100% futsal. His influence will be felt by everyone at MFC so it is of course really special to reconnect him back at the club. We are entering a new period in our development and I am sure Doug will not only complement what we want to see on the court, but also be a valuable asset for me and his new colleagues


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