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Local Round-Up: OFA to host futsal event on Saturday

February 08, 2017

The Mazda Power of 5 Cup will be held at the Seeb Sports Stadium on Saturday, according to a press release from the Oman Football Association (OFA).

The tournament, held to select and scout players for the national futsal team, sees coach Talib Hilal select the best players from the event and hold a camp with them in order to see how they can best fit into the national futsal set-up.

The first leg was held on January 14, with over 400 players flocking to the Seeb ground to prove they had the mettle to represent Oman at the international level in futsal.

Futsal is also popular at the grassroots level, with five-aside games becoming the norm in community football circles across the country.

The first leg saw three players selected to move on towards further trials for the team - Qais al Amri, Ahmed al Siyabi and Salim al Mukhaini.

The next leg is scheduled for February 25, with dates to be announced soon. Registration and further questions can be addressed to the OFA via Whatsapp on 90158158.

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