Darko Zekovic
Futsal Player

Darko Zekovic Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Nikisic (Montenegro)



Name: Darko
Surname: Zekovic
Nickname: Dado
Date of birth: 15/10/1981
Place of birth: Niksic (Montenegro)
Height (cm) : 170
Weight (kg) : 68
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Black
Particular signs: No
Profession: Football player
Children: No
Shoes number: 40
Shoes trademark: Adidas
Sportsman: Vlade Divac
Futsal Player: Tatu
Futsal Coach: Aca Kovacevic
Futsal League you would like to play: Italian Serie A1

Match you remember (+):
Municipijum - Luparense

Match you remember (-):
Municipijum - Dinamo Moscow

Goal you remember:
Against Athens '90

Balestra Niksic
Mocart Danilovgrad
Municipijum Pljevlja

Year Futsal Sallary: 3000 euros
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal: Yes

Drink: Coca-cola
Food: Pizza
Car, Your Car: Fiat
Clothing: Sports
Color: White
Actor: Robert de Niro
Actress: Julia Roberts
Film: Lord of the rings
Book: Mountain wraith
Women you like: Black
Music: Pop
Singer: Eros Ramazzoti
Town for living: Rome
Place for holidays: Capri
Football club you like: Internazionale
Pet (animal) : Dog
Game you like: Chess
Politic: No
3 wishes:
to play football in Italy


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