Vyasheslav Daragan
F.I.F.A. Futsal Referee
Futsal Planet Collaborator

Vyasheslav Daragan Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Kiev (Ukraine)



Name: Daragan
Surname: Vyacheslav
Nickname: vyashik
Date of birth: 23/02/1979
Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
Height (cm) : 182
Weight (kg) : 82
Hair color: fair
Eyes color: grey
Profession: a member of Futsal Association of Ukraine and teacher in the National university of sport of Ukraine (department of football), FIFA futsal referee (2006).

Children: yes
Shoes number: 43
Sportsman: Andrey Shevchenko
Futsal Player: Pylypyv Fedir, Moskvichev, Orol
Futsal Coach: Lisenchuk, Lozano,
Futsal President: G. Lisenchuk
Futsal League you would like to play: Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy

Match you remember (+): Spain-Ukraine, final of EC, 2001

Match you remember (-): none

Goal you remember: none

Drink: all
Food: all
Clothing: classic
Color: black
Book: fantastic
Music: modern
Town for living: Kiev
Place for holidays: Kiev
Football club you like: Dynamo Kiev
Pet (animal) : dog
Game you like: futsal, football
Politic: Conservative
3 wishes:
Futsal in the Olympic Games
No protests against referees
Particular Hobbies: Internet, Music, Cinema


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