Andrej Dobovicnik
Futsal Coach

Andrej Dobovicnik Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Celje (Slovenia)


Andrej Dobovicnik Details:

Name: Andrej
Surname: Dobovicnik
Nickname: Doc
Date of birth: 14.10.1967
Place of birth: Celje
Height (cm): 184
Weight (kg): 87
Hair color: brown
Eyes color: brown
Particular signs:
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Engaged with: girlfriend
Children: 2 (Ula, Ben)
Shoes number: 43
Shoes trademark:
Sportsman: Ronaldo
Futsal Player:
Futsal Coach:
Futsal President:
Futsal League you would like to coach:

Match you remember (+):
SLOVENIA - BELGIUM 4-3 (November 1997)

Match you remember (-):
CROATIA - SLOVENIA 2-1 (October 2000)

Goal you remember:
JUVENTUS SENTJUR - VUKO (ELEKTRO ROGIC) Ljubljana 6-5 (last goal 1995/96)

Major successes:
- 3x national champion (Juventus Sentjur, Mizarstvo Kroselj Sevnica, Pelikan Hipp Celje),
- 2x second place in national championship (Mizarstvo Kroselj Sevnica),
- 1x cup winner of Slovenia (Pelikan Hipp Celje),
- 4x cup finalist

National team experiences:
- member of Slovenian futsal team(A) from 1996 to 2000.

Year Futsal Sallary:
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
as selector of national team; coach.

Drink: beer
Food: mediterranean food
Car, Your Car: -, VW Passat
Clothing: -
Color: blue, yellow
Actor: Antony Hopkins
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Film: The silence of the lambs
Book: Where eagles dare
Women you like: -
Music: Dalmatian
Singer: Oliver DragojeviŠ
Town for living: Celje
Place for holidays: Makarska
Football club you like: Barcelona
Pet (animal): dog
Game you like: ball sports
Politic: apolitical
3 wishes: health, health, health

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
to take an active part in sport

Particular Hobbies: all kinds of sports including ball

Andrej Dobovicnik

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