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18/01/2008  -  irok
 from: MANILA - Philippines
 kamusta! from the philippines. FUTSAL IS HERE TO STAY!

16/01/2008  -  benny
 from: New York - USA
 Hi from the Big Apple!
I hope that futsal develops quickly in U.S.A.!

27/11/2007  -  oli
 from: preston - England
 how do i get involved with a futsal team.i saw it on tv the other day and i am highly intrested in getting started in the game, as i have enjoyed football for many years and would also like to try out this version of 5 a side

25/11/2007  -  carminho
 from: aargau / switzerland - Switzerland
 hallo..ich suche einen verantwortlichen für die futsal-meisterschaft in der schweiz...ich spiele im moment leider nicht, habe mir vor einem monat das kreuzband gerissen..spiele eigentlich in der 1.liga gruppe 3 (fc brugg, ag)..möchte ins futsal geschäft einsteigen...meldet euch...gruss

24/11/2007  -  ali
 from: tehran - Iran
 H, Many thanks for you good attention to futsal in the world may you interview with Mr. deroudgar former Iran futsal chairman, he is my fiewruite person in Iran football when deputy president of Iran take out Mr. Dr.Dadgan former football president of Iran, he resigned and written very good letter in news agencies for Iran situation to Iranian people , he was honest .
Best wishes
Ali asghari

19/11/2007  -  ghigo
 from: Siviglia - Spain
 The Photogallery of Italy-Portugal is very pretty.. do you have any others?

15/11/2007  -  Marko futsal_player#3
 from: belgrade - Serbia
 i love futsal so much,but play football,and i dont play are cool and i like this site.......goodbye

07/11/2007  -  Carla Isabel
 from: Philippines
 More power to futsal! Sherzod Jumaev of TJK shows great promise. Carry on!

07/11/2007  -  Carla
 from: Philippines
 Salom! Futsalplanet rocks! But i''m wondering if there''s a site with the players'' contact info because i need to send someone an urgent message and lost his email add on my way home from the Indoor Games. Please help, anyone! Thanks.

04/11/2007  -  ASHVIN
 from: Riviere du rempart - Mauritius
i would to be a part of the FIFA because i love FOOTBALL a lot.Hope you are going to give me this opportunity to join the FIFA.

01/11/2007  -  kelpie
 from: semarang - Indonesia
 utk semua klub futsal di indonesia, ayo kita kirim logo klub futsal kita utk dipajang di situs ini, supaya klub futsal indonesia bisa go international!

30/10/2007  -  Hurti
 from: Watt - Switzerland
 Liebe freunde des FUTSAL Sport. Macht Werbung und begeistert weitere Freunde und Bekannte. FUTSAL for ever!!!

24/10/2007  -  Pete M
 from: Switzerland
 Keep pushing the limits of futsal - hope it becomes more popular here in Switzerland !

10/10/2007  -  Kiki Setiawan
 from: Jakarta - Indonesia
 Friendship greeting always for all klub and also devotee futsal in the world.
From Sports Planet FC JAKARTA, Indonesia.
Coach KikiSetiawan.

07/10/2007  -  Johan goliador
 from: US Virgin Islands
 I am happy to see some announcments about the Real Futsal people with FIFUSA background. With all respect for FIFA but FIFUSA/AMF is getting to real futsal fanatics.
Yout World Cup in Ecuador., Womens World Cup 2006 in Ecuador, Mens World Cup in 2007 Argentina. FIFUSA/AMF members keep going competitioj keepsevery body awae and honest in what they are doing.

02/10/2007  -  yosi
 from: Jakarta - Indonesia
 I am a futsal coach, want to learn about futsal much more, please send me the modern futsal tactic. and training program for senior high school.

01/10/2007  -  A.H. Parnow
 from: Tehran - Iran
 thanks for futsalplanet
I want any information about under tile futsal book: traning for futsal coaches direction by Javier Lozano and Vic Hemans.
please hep me that found it

01/10/2007  -  kit029
 from: Malta
 Anyone knows from where i can buy futsal coaching dvds?
thanks keith

25/09/2007  -  Hector Villar Sanchez
 from: Puente Alto - Chile
 Hola Mico; la pagina esta como siempre notable. Te cuento que Nueva Basilea C.D, Bi-campeòn de la Liga Metrpolita de Fùtsal en todas las series, gracias Amigo, Suerte.Aguante el Futsal...

19/09/2007  -  ANTREAS
 from: NICOSIA - Cyprus
bye ...

13/09/2007  -  pelado
 from: ushuaia - Argentina
 hola mico y luca; los felicito por estos 10 años y ojala mucha mas gente del futsal mundial tomaran de ejemplo el arduo y serio trabajo que dia a dia llevan a engrandecer este hermoso deporte nuestro futsal-fútbol de salón.
gracias ademas por no dejar afuera de la información general al futsal esencial que no comparte lugares comunes con el fútbol-soccer, ya que como todos los salonistas de la primera hora sabemos, lo único parecido al soccer es que jugamos con los pies, y hacemos goles nada mas.muchas gracias!!!

30/08/2007  -  Grievzie
 from: Perth - Scotland
 Hey Mico
Thanks for coming to Scotland and making us much better at the beautiful game
Stevie G
Happy 10th Birthday

23/08/2007  -  Futsal Chick
 from: Christchurch - New Zealand
 For Futsal throughout New Zealand check out Vikings Futsal NZ at they are huge in NZ. Summer season starts soon can''t wait

14/08/2007  -
 from: bergamo - Italy
 Ciao, centinaia di filmati e foto di calcio a 5 (Futsal) nel mio sito: WWW.CALCETTO.135.IT

Ivan Cortinovis

13/08/2007  -  Hèctor Villar- Nueva Basilea C.D
 from: Puente Alto - Chile
 Hola Amigo Mico, espero te encuentres bien; escribo para saber si algun amigo de un equipo Argentino quiera tener algunos encuentros con nosotros. Te agradecemos el espacio y felicidades por la pagina nuevamente.
Saludos desde Chile

10/08/2007  -  antoine
 from: Bollène -
 Pulpis trenador de Lobelle FS es un buen trenador. Deseo le todo sucesso que merece

17/07/2007  -  claudio
 from: rosario - Argentina
 information, photos anything about world university championship joao pessoa 2000.I played it, i`m fron argentina

15/07/2007  -  tommy
 from: YALOVA - Turkey
 Do you want futsal play in Turkey?

09/07/2007  -  kelpie
 from: semarang - Indonesia
 we are bni undip futsal club, ready for friendly game with all indonesian futsal club, especially from central java n around semarang...
call us, please... 62-24-8316410

05/07/2007  -  lies trick
 from: Solo - Indonesia
 wanna play futsal in indonesia? just call us

30/06/2007  -  tömmy
 from: yalova - Turkey
 wir suchen futsalşpiler.

12/06/2007  -  vv izv
 from: kloosterzande - Netherlands
 we are looking for friendly futsal games in July/August in China.
Age of players 35 till 60 Years.
Games in Beijing, Xian, Hong Kong, Shanghai.
who can help us

11/06/2007  -  FUTSALISCHIA
 from: Ischia NAPOLI - Italy
 Auguri per il Decennio del Sito, siete per noi il MASSIMO strumento di informazione del Futsal.
Grandissimo Mico per il lavoro Mondiale svolto e tutti i tuoi collaboratori.
Complimenti e grazie da tutta la nostra Società

11/06/2007  -  boringsoccer
 from: nowhere - USA
 Fortunately, not. Thanks god!

11/06/2007  -  Cheryl
 from: Roseville, CA - USA
 Are Futbol and Futsal the same thing?

10/06/2007  -  Cristian Mocanu
 from: Deva - Romania
 Ever since I fell in love with futsal, was my premier source of info. I realize that, due to the unjustly low media profile of the game keeping up-to-date with what happens all over the world is not easy and takes a lot of hard work and dedication.
For the happy occasion of the 10-th anniversary, I say:
Hvala lijepa, Mico
-Grazie mille, Luca
and heartfelt thanks to all those making possible.
Many happy returns, !!!

10/06/2007  -  d. govindasamy
 from: PMBurg - South Africa
 Dear Mico, Luca and friends
Thanx for the many years of Fabulous Futsal info. Happy 10th birthday and best wishes from all futsal lovers in South Africa.

10/06/2007  -  Lorente
 from: Toledo - Spain
 10 años son pocos, nos tenéis que hacer disfrutar 100 años más.
Un abrazo muy fuerte para todos los que formáis la web pero muy especialmente para Mico y Luca

09/06/2007  -  zoki bgd serbia
 from: belgrad - Serbia
 cestitamo vam na jubileju. nadam se da cemo i u buducnosti uspesno saradjivati kao i do sada. Mico pozdravi puno i luku
Zoki iz Konjarnika

09/06/2007  -  beka
 from: tbilisi - Georgia
 Happy birthday futsalplanet. All Georgia prefer your kind web.

09/06/2007  -  EL1O
 from: SANTIAGO - Chile
 Congratulations for 10 year and your dedication for this bello sport
are the which the futbol

09/06/2007  -  Mario Salinas
 from: San Francisco - USA
 Dear Friends Mico & Luca & Futsal Planet Team -
You have played a pivotal role in creating a global futsal family.
Thank you for your support during all these years and we hope to enjoy Futsal Planet for many many more years.

09/06/2007  -  Lunardelli
 from: Porto Alegre - Brazil
 Dear Mico e Luca and Futsal Planet friends, o FUTSAL hoje é um esporte mundial, e voces tem uma grande parcela neste sucesso, um grande abraço e parabens pelo aniversãrio, Evandro Lunardelli

09/06/2007  -  Mario j. Pizzorno
 from: Montevideo - Uruguay
 Estimados Luca y Mico,
Un abrazo muy grande extensivo a todo ese gran equipo de Futsal Planet que ha hecho posible estos diz años. Brindamos con nuestros mejores augurios de éxitos en el futuro.

08/06/2007  -  Fan MFK Tyumen
 from: Tyumen - Russia
 All greetings from Russia!
20.05.07 MFK Tyumen- Dynamo Moscow 5:5 (3:0)
Tyumen has lead very good season! ))))

08/06/2007  -  Steve Wendel
 from: Los Angeles -USA - USA
 Congratulations on the 10 year mark. From in Los Angeles, USA.

07/06/2007  -  Stane Kokalj
 from: Slovenia
 Congratulations to Mico who started this famous page and specialy thanks to his friends who are continuing what he started. beacuse of your site a lot of countries knows that in slovenia is playing a good futsal!
every day you are better!

07/06/2007  -  paqo

07/06/2007  -  favola
 from: milano - Italy
 beh io c''ero quando hai creato la prima pagina....
ciao numero 1!
auguri dobro

07/06/2007  -  inggo
 from: caceres - Spain
 muchas muchas felicidades a nuestros amigos de futsalplanet por mantenernos informados de cada cosa que ocurre en nuestro pequeño mundo durante estos 10 años. ENHORABUENA!!!!!!!

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