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24/05/2005  -  Pondus...
 from: TJØME - Norway
 Futsalplanet er verdens beste futsal side!!!
Futsal planet is the best futsal site ever !!!

21/05/2005  -  AS Ruvo c/5
 from: Ruvo di Puglia - Italy
 Dopo la serie B e la Coppa Italia nazionale, a Ruvo di Puglia si ama il calcio a 5....complimenti e saluti.

19/05/2005  -  Michael
 from: Taipei - Chinese Taipei
 I really hope I can read new world ranking here. It haven't been changed for four month.

19/05/2005  -  Pedro
 from: viana do castelo - Portugal
 Hi, i want informations about tactic thank you

18/05/2005  -  zafutsal
 from: Lisboa - Portugal, desires to all the collaborators of the FUTSALPLANET the biggest felecidades and the continuation of one execelente work of information of the world-wide futsal

17/05/2005  -  Merengue
 from: Monte Caparica - Portugal
 I play futsal in Vale Milhacos and my clup is SCP (the best team of Portugal).

12/05/2005  -  ed
 from: norwich - England
 good luck please write back

08/05/2005  -  halim_gem
 from: Penang - Malaysia
 Hei... guys... nice to meet you...!!
Drop an e-mail if you r visiting Malaysia...!!


02/05/2005  -  Luca
 from: milano -
 Hi futsal's people...I have a question...
I'm an italian player and a futsal fan, in Italian league the 90% of players are Brasilian..I'd like to know if in the other country,in the other futsal league, there are the same number of brasilian player....
Thanks to all..!

Complimenti ai web master, il sito è fantastico!!

28/04/2005  -  May
 from: Olney, Maryland - USA
 to Stane Kokalj: I found your site when I was researching the Kokalj name. My husband was Danilo Kokalj from Trzic. His parents were Toncka and Ferdinand Kokalj. Are you related to them at all? Write back. thanks.

27/04/2005  -  futsal_player
 from: aveiro - Portugal
 I love futsal, i play futsal in Grupo Desportivo da Gafanha we are in the 2º division.

24/04/2005  -  Futsalportal
 from: Frankfurt - Germany
 Best regards from

22/04/2005  -  mirshad
 from: tehran - Iran
 i am maneger of big futsal club in iran (esteghlal club) but i want know about new tacktics about futsal please sent by my mail.thanks

21/04/2005  -  jatmiko
 from: yogyakarta - Indonesia
 we have futsal club.Plays every monday. In august 05 we have futsal competition. We hope you are support and join us

16/04/2005  -  mario53
 from: Montevideo - Uruguay
 manteniendo lo que sido siempre la tónica de esta página, a tenido otra vez una muy buena idea... ¡ felicitaciones !

c.a. peñarol - montevideo - uruguay

15/04/2005  -  Goody
 from: Wesel - Germany
 Greetings from Germany to the one of the best Futsal Sites.....
International Futsal Wesel:

Play and let play Futsal!

11/04/2005  -  jo_12
 from: Talamona - Sondrio - Italy
 un prezioso aiuto per chi vuole essere aggiornato sul calcio a 5. Complimenti

10/04/2005  -  Julius Virga
 from: Belo Horizonte - Brazil
 Hi, I'll try to answer to the question of Alejandro A. in English.
I think that the rules adupted by the LNFS is more spectacular and I hope that in the future will be used in all of the FIFA championships.

07/04/2005  -  BEZIMENI
 from: POZEGA - Serbia/Montenegro
 Best site,every thing you should know about futsal you can find here.
Bravo Mico majstore

06/04/2005  -  Futsal_lover
 from: Barcelona - Spain
 Hola Futsalero
saques de banda con las manos, siempre! A por el espectaculo! Los que no saben de futsal sacan con los pies...

06/04/2005  -  Sergio Cayuela
 from: Castellon - Spain

06/04/2005  -  ppf
 from: prato - Italy
 Thanks to all of you for your incredible job, this site is fantastic and is the only site that makes us feel that futsal is a world community! And it's growing! Grazie ragazzi!!!!!

06/04/2005  -  Dieguito
 from: milano-Sydney - Italy
 Grandissima bocca al lupo per l'iniziativa a mico e allostaff e ai milanesi di Spagna, motivo d'orgoglio!!!
XDani, Luke e Bombe...domani sono a Roma per il visto!!!Sydney arrivo!!!

05/04/2005  -  talentfrei
 from: Güstrow - Germany
 I love! :)

Sportliche Grüße aus Deutschland an das super Team von!

05/04/2005  -  mastro
 from: madrid - Spain
 grande mico, in bocca al lupo per questa nuova avventura....un abbraccione ...un saluto speciale per tutti gli amici della milano calcettistica.....a presto mastropierro

05/04/2005  -  Alejandro A.
 from: Madrid - Spain
 Congratulation futsalplanet. Seguís creciendo.
Una pregunta, ¿qué piensa la gente de la regla del sque de banda FIFA, con los pies, y el saque de banda en España, con las manos? Pregunto, ¿por qué FIFA en fútbol saca con la mano y en futsala con el pie?

05/04/2005  -  Ricardo Pinheiro
 from: Lisboa - Portugal
 Parabéns FutsalPlanet, pelo excelente trabalho que têm vindo a desenvolver. Saudações a todos os amantes de futsal e ao glorioso SL Benfica.

05/04/2005  -  oscar ruz
 from: bogota - Colombia
 en colombia hasta ahora estamos empezando con el futbol sala tenganos en cuenta

05/04/2005  -  Vilen
 from: Chisinau - Moldova
 Best regards from Moldova!
Good idea!

04/04/2005  -  YIANNIS VAKIS
 from: NICOSIA - Cyprus congratulates all Futsalplanet staff dor their great work all these years and wish them to keep up the great work.

Have a nice Futsal week!!!


04/04/2005  -  Vladsson
 from: Bratislava - Slovakia
 HELLOO futsal friends...
In my country last 4 rounds...
more visit


04/04/2005  -  Andrea Bearzi
 from: Zaragoza - Spain
 Mico sei sempre il numero 1 un abbraccio a tutti i ragazzi dell'ex Milano c5

04/04/2005  -  Bergamo calcio a 5
 from: Bergamo -
 Fichissimo !!

03/04/2005  -  Swiss Futsal Association
 from: Zurich - Switzerland
 Hallo Futsal Planet Friends! Thank you again for this nes initiative! Well, last unofficial news: the first international tournament with the Swiss Futsal National Team & the Liechtenstein National Team, on March 2006 (against Austria & Eintracht Frankfurt) in Bern. Best Regards, Swiss Futsal Association, Sabrina Ben Salah & Alberto Pastor

02/04/2005  -  nut
 from: moscow - Russia
 Thank you for good idea.

02/04/2005  -  kubus
 from: Poland

02/04/2005  -  Zyma / Zai
 from: Kuching - Malaysia
 Thanks to all futsalplanet team (exspecially Mico & Fabrizio) for their support to Malaysian futsal development. Now futsal is a big hit in my country and all Malaysian can enjoy futsal like the rest of the world. Thank you

02/04/2005  -  Nicola
 from: Italy
 Un In Bocca al Lupo per Questa Nuova Iniziativa Carissimo Mico


02/04/2005  -  mico
 from: Italy
 Buena Danilo, vamos ...

02/04/2005  -  C5P
 from: Italy
 Un saluto a tutti gli amanti del futsal nel mondo

01/04/2005  -  Majunior
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