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Balkh Female Athletes Face Lack Of Facilities

by Aref Musavi

04 MAY 2018

The number of women footballers reach to at least 200 in Balkh who say their goal is to have big achievements in the sport.

Female athletes in Balkh said they are interested in football, but due to lack of a proper ground, they play futsal in a small gymnasium in the province.

“Afghanistan’s society is traditional. Most of families are against our bid to play football or futsal,” said Sweeta, an athlete.

Girls in Balkh are engaged in different sports including football, cycling and martial arts, but most of them are interested in football as their number reaches to 200.

“Girls have good abilities. The number of female athletes has increased in Balkh. The number will go up if we have facilities,” Zainab Afzal Zada, a football player, said.

“My goal is to have big achievements in football,” Sonia, a footballer, said.

The athletes meanwhile called on families to allow girls to follow their favorite sports.

“I do cycling, yoga and futsal. I ask families to allow women and girls to play any sport they want,” Setayesh, an athlete, said.

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