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Kabul Team Wins Local Futsal Tournament

by Saber Perzad

01 MAY 2018

The main aim of the tournament was to improve futsal and select qualified players for the national team.

The Jawanan-e-Isteqlal Futsal Team won a Kabul tournament by beating 20 teams to scoop the title.

Jawanan-e-Maihan Futsal Club took second place in the tournament.

The last match ended 7-2 in favor of Jawanan-e-Isteqlal.

The tournament was held to select the top players for the national futsal team and to improve the sport in the country.

“Today’s match was between Jawanan-e-Isteqlal and Jawanan-e-Maihan teams. These two finalists succeeded to get the license to take part in this year’s premier league in Kabul,” said Raziq Mamrak, coach of the national futsal team.

Hamid Sharifi, a member of the winning team, got the best player title by scoring 32 goals in the tournament.

“Afghanistan’s futsal has improved very much. We can use these opportunities to improve our talents,” Sharifi said.

“We are excited to play in the final match and that we will play in the Kabul premier league,” another futsal player said.

The tournament started on April 14 and ended Tuesday.

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