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Courtesy: FIFA.com

Instructors’ course helping develop futsal in Colombia

30 Apr 2018

The legacy of the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup is still apparent in host country Colombia. A Futsal Instructors’ Coaching Course took place in Villavicencio from 16 April to 20 April, under the guidance of FIFA instructor Jose Maria Pazos Mendez.

Part of a wider project which started during Colombia 2016, the course is designed to provide futsal instructors – leaders at Member Association level – with an in-depth technical and tactical knowledge of the game.

This will then enable instructors to pass on this valuable knowledge to more coaches at national level, helping further develop futsal in Colombia.

Thirty-five attended the course from different regions in the country.

“FIFA initially worked solely with coaches but now we are shifting our focus to work with instructors,” said FIFA Beach Soccer and Futsal Development Manager Brent Rahim.

"With this philosophy, we have a better chance to help instructors transmit the knowledge acquired from FIFA Instructors to even more coaches.”

A second Futsal Instructors’ Coaching Course will take place next month from 15 to 19 May. A recipient of April’s course will be selected to instruct the coaching course, while a FIFA Instructor will attend as an observer to assist with the implementation of the course.

Instructors' course helping develop futsal in Colombia (Photo Courtesy: FIFA.com)

Instructors course helping develop futsal in Colombia (Photo Courtesy: FIFA.com)

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