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UEFA Futsal EURO 2018
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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Portugal vs Azerbaijan 8-1 (5-1)

Galo on target, Pedro Cary answers
A big mistake by Andrč Sousa opened doors for the immediate (54 seconds) azeri lead, with Galo scoring from about 15 metres. The Portuguese shock didn't last for long time, as after a first magic attempt by Ricardinho saved by Tiago Bolinha, Pedro Cary needed a double shot to beat Huseynli and restore the equality. All this in just two minutes, what a start in front of a 3150 futsal fans attendance.

Pedro Cary again
Azerbaijan did well with Tiago Bolinha and Fineo, but after five minutes Pedro Cary hit again taking Portugal to the 2-1 lead. Then Alecio's team needed the first great save by Huseynli to avoid the third lusitan goal by Tiago Brito and more troubles in the game for Azerbaijan.

Pany and Ricardinho: where's Azerbaijan?
In the middle of first half Azerbaijan disappeared from the pitch. Vassoura lost a duel vs Pany who scored the third for Portugal and after less than one minute Nilson launched Ricardinho who gave no chances to Huseynli. 4-1 and Portugal absolute owner of the match.

Flying keeper, failed attempt and final punishment
With such a disheartening score Alecio was forced to insert Edu as goleiro-linha since minute 13'. This just took to some chances for Galo and Vassoura, but in the last 30 seconds Andrč Sousa was fast enough to serve again Ricardinho for the 5-1 header. Shadows on Azerbaijan at half time.

Azeri torture goes on
No changes in the second half, when the worst ever Azerbaijan in recent times was just unable to get some results from the goleiro-linha tactic. On the opposite side Portugal had no mercy with Bruno Coelho and the Ricardinho's hat trick: 7-1. All the UEFA Futsal Euro 2018 balance seemed to vanish in this game.

O' Magico again: better than the Zar
After a double chance for Chovdarov the black day of Azerbaijan continued with the man of the match by Futsalplanet.com Ricardinho's fourth goal: 8-1. This means the 21st goal of Portugal star, a new record for Futsal EURO as the previous one was still belonging to the unforgettable zar Konstantin Eremenko. History is written in Ljubljana, while Alecio present some minutes to the "old azeri warriors" Kurdov and Mammadkarimov, just before Slovenia 2018 ends for Azerbaijan.


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