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UEFA Futsal EURO 2018
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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Serbia vs Kazakhstan 1-3 (0-1)

First danger from Rajcevic
Once again the Arena Stozice proved to be a Serbian blockhouse, with all fans shouting and supporting Peric & mates. It took one minute for Slobodan Rajcevic in order to be dangerous towards Higuita, who saved his first attempt. Then Taynan, recovered from previous game injury for Cacau delight, was close to the net. Again a superb Higuita denied a triple attempt by Rajcevic, same for Aksentijevic against Orazov.

Zhamankulov hit
Douglas free kick (and Peric yellow card) was saved, but Aksentijevic had no chance on the second shot by Serik Zhamankulov. Minute 6': Serbia 0, Kazakhstan 1.

Higuita vs Rajcevic
One more big chance came for Serbia, but Higuita had no intention to lose his own duel against Rajcevic, proving he's not good just as goleiro-linha: what a save! When Rajcevic was better, some minutes later, Higuita was saved by a goalpost, in the most intense part of first half as few second before a masterpiece by Nurgozhin ended on the crossbar when Kazakhstan was attacking in 5vs4. Wonderful game so far!

Last minutes and half time
With 8 minutes left Serbia reached the 5th foul and had to be careful, so that Cacau took the chance to spend some more minutes with Higuita playing as flying keeper and Kazakhstan having great chances to double the lead with Taynan (twice), Higuita and Douglas. 0-1 at half time.

Taynan double, Serbian anger
A supposed foul on Kocic opened the way for the kazakh counter-attack with the second goal of the game scored by Taynan. This provoked some complaints from Serbian team, with the only effect of a yellow card for Aksentijevic.

No troubles
Kazakhstan managed the game in perfect style (and in front of 5246 futsal fans), thanks to the invaluable support of Higuita and man of the match Douglas, who seemed to arrive first on every ball in contention (being in the pitch for something like 35 minutes).

Ivancic relies on Kocic
With six minutes left and in the need to recover the 0-2 score coach Ivancic started, just after the time-out, with Kocic as flying keeper. The weapon gave almost immediate effect, as finally Rajcevic could celebrate a victorious battle vs Higuita: 1-2, minute 35.24. In a matter of seconds Kocic's terrific shot hit the goalpost and forced Cacau's time-out in order to sort things out for a worried Kazakhstan.

Serbia assault, Douglas the key
Kocic was on fire: so many chances with 12-15 metres shots with some extra job for the impressive Higuita. When Serbia seemed to be ready to extend the game to the extra time, Douglas stole a ball and gave the final 1-3 verdict. Kazakhstan through, a great Serbia back home.


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