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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Azerbaijan vs Spain 0-1 (0-1)

Solano and Vassoura, so close
After some minutes of mutual study, the game went on fire at minute 7' when Solano missed an unbelievable chance hitting the goalpost, while Vassoura's shot was saved by 2017 best goalkeeper of the world Paco Sedano.

Pola takes Spain ahead
The balance was broken by a spanish corner kick that Inter Movistar's Pola (man of the match by Futsalplanet.com) was fast enough to convert into the 1-0 advantage for Spain.

Orange shirt for Vassoura
After suffering the spanish goal Alecio called his players for the time-out minute, setting up the flying keeper strategy with brazilian born Vassoura as new "goleiro". This took to two long distance and dangerous shot by Farzalyev and Atayev denied again by Paco Sedano, while Lozano was very close to Spain second goal stealing a Vassoura pass. Teams reached the half time with the minimal spanish lead.

Azeri roster
After Vassoura's yellow card in the beginning of second half Alecio seeemed in the need to preserve the main brazilian naturalized players (Galo, who in Azerbaijan is curiously indicated as "Gallo", didn't play at all), featuring a 100% azeri (and more than worth) roster including Huseynli, captain Farzaliyev, Atayev, Chovdarov and Borisov. Both teams looked like satisfied with the score, at least until a masterpiece by Baghirov hit the crossbar putting some pressure on Spain.

New strategy for Alecio
In the middle fo second half Alecio went back to the goleiro-linha, this time with Edu. The final azeri efforts didn't take to the dreamed tie, not even with the last free kick by Vassoura touched by Farzaliyev and saved by Paco Sedano. No more room for surprises in Group D: Spain first ranked, Azerbaijan waiting for Portuguese challenge.


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