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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Ukraine vs Portugal 3-5 (0-2)

Andrč Sousa: in. Bruno Coelho: goal. Oleksandr Kosenko: time out
Portugal featured their third different goalkeeper in the competition (vs Romania Bebč and Vitor Hugo shared the 40 minutes) and found immediately Ivanyak goal with Bruno Coelho (once again man of the match by Futsalplanet.com), after two more clear chances in the first two minutes. 2'18, Portuguese advantage and Ukrainian time-out to avoid worst consequences.

Tiago Brito doubles the lead
Ukraine finally started to play in the Portugal part of the pitch, having some chances with Mykola Grytsyna and Mykola Bilotserkivets but nothing so dangerous for Braz's team.
On the other side a brilliant initiative by Benfica's Tiago Brito allowed Portugal to double their lead at minute 12. Ricardinho delighted the fans with one more "rabona" shot saved by Ivanyak: for the good of the game.

Bebč in. No more emotions
An unlucky save by Andrč Sousa against an attempt by Pediash was fatal for the Sporting CP keeper, replaced by Bebe in the last minutes of first half. Ukraine still had a shot on goal with Razuvanov which caused no major troubles to the portuguese defense. Half time: Ukraine 0, Portugal 2.

Placid second half
The game (attendance: 4412 futsal fans) resumed without strong intensity between Ukraine and Portugal, with Kosenko's roster providing little danger with Korolyshyn and Khamdanov. Their efforts were finally awarded at minute 28', with a corner kick turned into the 2-1 goal by Dina Moscow's Volodymyr Razuvanov.

Bebe mistake, Korolyshyn equalizes
With some confidence restored, Ukraine tried to come back in the game and managed to reach the draw thanks to a Bebe's mistake on a weak shot by Taras Korolyshyn: an unexpected scored considering the first half, basically the same Ukraine registered against Romania.

Pedro Cary put Portugal out of troubles
The Ukrainian equalizer had the good effect to wake up Braz boys, so that after two chances by Andrč Coelho and Tunha, Pedro Cary converted a throw-in assist with a wonderful shot, no hopes for Ivanyak.

Shoturma flying keeper, Nilson and "O Magico"on target
Portugal increased their lead when, after Kosenko's time out, Ukraine started to play with Petro Shoturma as flying keeper. No good results gained, as Nilson scored on empty net and once restored the 5vs5, Portugal hit again with Ricardinho, well assisted by Fabio Cecilio. Curtains down on the match.

Last minute chance for Lytvynenko, goal for Shoturma
With just sixty seconds left, Kosenko gave keeper Lytvynenko his first cap in the EURO Futsal edition, while Petro Shoturma scored the third yellow and blue goal still wearing the goalkeeper shirt. Zhurba had even the chance to score one more for Ukraine with 7 seconds left, missing the lusitan goal. Portuguese job accomplished, waiting for quarter finals rivals.


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