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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Kazakhstan vs Russia 1-1 (0-1)

Eder Lima breaking the silence
When the game seemed to be still in ist sleeping process, it was Eder Lima, left alone by the Kazakh defence, the guilty for waking up fans and teams. No chances for Higuita, just one minute and 45 seconds in the game. 1-0 Russia.
Kazakhstan just reacted with a shy shout by Nurgozhin, easily saved by Putilov, replacing Zamtaradze in the Russian goal.

No more goals
Though a lot of chances for scoring more came from both sides, in quite an entertaining match between two giants of international futsal, the 0-1 lead for Russia was mantained till the end of the first time. Kazakhstan was unlucky with Zhamankhulov (goalpost) and with Taynan's injury. Abramov and Lyskov (delicious touch over the head of Higuita) were close to double the lead for Russia, while in the last seconds Putilov turned into the Russia hero saving three attempts by Nurghozin, Yesenamanov and Douglas in the space of 10 seconds: hard job.

No Robinho, no Esquerdinha, no Chishkala: surgical Douglas
While Skorovich kept on playing without Robinho, Chishkala and Esquerdinha, as done in the whole first half, after three minutes Higuita served the man of the match (by Futsalplanet.com) Douglas who defeated Putilov thanks to a perfect shot from about 15 metres: 1-1 in front of a 6310 futsal fans attendance.

Game over, Poland back home
As expected there was no "war" in the pitch, as Kazakhstan and Russia seemed not to be so worried about their final ranking in Group B. Some chances for Abramov, Niyazov and Afanasyev on russian side, usual Higuita, Douglas and Pershin efforts for Kazakhstan but nothing new. 1-1 means Kazakhstan top the group and a positive Poland goes back home enjoying the satisfaction of an historical tie against Russia.


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