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by Luca Ranocchiari - Futsalplanet.com editor

Portugal vs Romania 4-1 (2-0)

Lusitan domination
No "mutual study" stage in the game (attendance: 3.093), Jorge Braz's boys took the immediate control of it being constantly dangerous towards the goal protected by Toni Tonita. It took 3 minutes and 48 seconds to Pedro Cary's winning head shot on Ricardinho (who started with the magic play at minute 2' for the local fans delight) assist: 1-0.

Romanian first chances, Portuguese second goal not coming
The rest of first half was an entertaining and opened game, with chances coming on both sides. Lupu's roster was closed to score with the "usual suspect" Matei, as well as the brazilian and portuguese recent addiction Savio, Felipe and Paulo Ferreira: they found a sure Bebe securing the portuguese goal even when Mimi Stoica was in as goleiro-linha. On the other side of the field Bruno Coelho, Ricardinho, Andrč Coelho had their chances for the portuguese double: no luck.

Fabio Cecilo, what a shot
When the "movie" seemed to be the same of the day before with the "big" nations not closing the game as happened to Russia, a perfect volley by Fabio Cecilio cancelled the lusitan concern. Half time: 2-0 Portugal.

Vitor Hugo in
Portugal started the game with a new keeper in second half, as Bebe was replaced by Braga's Vitor Hugo.
Balance was the main character of this part of the game, till Lupu decided again to rely on Mimi Stoica as flying keeper: at minute 33' a shot by Marius Matei was saved by Vitor Hugo with Stoica ready enough to score right after. 2-1, room for romanian hope.

Guess who?
When things could get harder for Portugal, a time out by Romania sorted the opposite effect. Nothing new in Ljubljana: when fans shout as crazy people is just cause "o magico" Ricardinho has done something in his style: check his 3-1 magnificent goal (what a risk, on a 2-1 score!) and you will understand.

Final verdict by Bruno Coelho
After a great chance for Florin Matei, Romanian hopes came to an end as Ricardinho served Bruno Coelho (MAN OF THE MATCH in our opinion) who managed to score with no "regular keeper" in the pitch for Lupu's team. 4-1 and game over (unlucky Savio in hitting the goalpoast with just 9 seconds left). Lesson learned in time for Portugal, day 1 was useful.


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