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Nick Charlesworth, 15, selected in Australian futsal team to tour Italy in 2018

October 24 2017

by David Stewart

TORONTO High School student Nick Charlesworth was a little reluctant to use a soccer ball as a prop in the Lakes Mail’s photo shoot for this story about his exploits on the futsal court.

After all, they don’t play futsal with a soccer ball. They are different games. They use different balls.

What links the two in this story is the year 10 student’s effectiveness in front of goal in both sports.

Charlesworth, 15, has been selected in an Australian futsal team to tour Italy in May.

It follows his stand-out performance at the Australian Schools Championships in Brisbane, where he captained Northern NSW to the semi-finals and fourth place overall.

NSW City took out the title.

“I was excited and pretty happy when I got the news,” Charlesworth said.

He was one of four players from the Northern NSW team to gain selection.

“We had a group chat going on Snapchat and I knew my team-mates were in.”

It wasn’t until later that he heard from his mother, Nicole, that an email had arrived advising of his selection, too.

Charlesworth’s path to Italy began when he led Toronto High School to victory at the Northern NSW Futsal Championship at Broadmeadow in July.

Toronto High defeated Newcastle Grammar 5-4 in the final, with Charlesworth among the goal scorers.

The school’s futsal coach, teacher Scott Walton, said he was not surprised to learn that Charlesworth had earned national selection.

“He’s a goal scorer,” Mr Walton said. “He kicks the ball hard, and he can put it in the back of the net.”

It’s a trait that Charlesworth also brings to the soccer field as a striker or winger for the Lake Macquarie Roosters.

For the second consecutive year, Charlesworth won the club’s Golden Boot Award for the most goals scored in a season. His team, the under-15s, also won Team of the Year for the fourth successive year.

“I got 13 goals across the season, and Sam Walker, in first grade, got 12,” he smiled.

Charlesworth is required to fund his trip to Italy, and must raise $7500 to pay his way. It’s a big ask.

The money he makes from his shifts working at McDonald’s just aren’t going to get the job done.

So he has set up a Go Fund Me page. To donate, click here.

Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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