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Dhuku thrash Rajini

September 06, 2017

KATHMANDU: Dhuku Futsal, Futsal Arena, Samakhusi, Chaur Recreation, Kick-off, Busy Futsal and Swoyambhu Futsal won their matches of the Red Bull National Futsal League here on Tuesday.

At the Stupa Futsal, Dhuku thrashed Rajini Futsal 10-5, Futsal Arena beat Rave 8-1 and Samakhusi saw off Futsal Village 6-2.

Similarly, Kick-off recorded a 7-2 win against Dhanyantri, Busy defeated Harisiddhi 6-2 and Swoyambhu outplayed Khalibari 8-3 at the Chaur Recreational Centre in Bansbari.

The match between BG Brothers and Khumaltar ended in a 3-3 draw.

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