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U.S. Youth Futsal Names National Teams For Costa Rica trip ...
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U.S. Youth Futsal Names National Teams For Costa Rica trip

Players selected at National I.D. Trial from 1999-2004 age groups

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. (July 26, 2017) - U.S. Youth Futsal has announced the rosters for its teams that have traveled to Costa Rica for a series of international friendlies ( July 23-31 2017)

After a year-long identification process 72 players were selected to represent the United States in Costa Rica, where the U.S. Youth Futsal U18, U16 and U14 boys and girls teams will compete from July 23 to July. 30.

Participants were selected after attending State Futsal I.D. Trials throughout the nation last fall and winter followed by the National I.D. Trial earlier this month.

"I am very excited and proud to be part of this historic event of taking our youth teams to Costa Rica," said U.S. Youth Futsal Technical Director Keith Tozer, who is preparing for his fifth visit to the Central American country. "With the coaching staff and level of players we now have I think we are very much prepared to take on this challenge."

Costa Rican opponents include:
Colegio Alajuela,
Colegio Ezcazu,
Colegio Santa Ana,
Colegio UNA,
Colegio Hatillo,
Colegio Borrusia and
CTP Lindora.

The Girls U18 will play against the Costa Rica womens Futsal National Team.

Teams will stay in San Jose, the host nation's capital, and train and play at the CTP Lindora training center. The visit will include one day of training and two days of team-building adventure activities prior to the three match days.

The coaching staff is helmed by U.S. Youth Futsal Technical Director Keith Tozer, U.S. Youth Futsal Director of Goalkeeping Otto Orf and The Director of Coaching Ty Stauffer. It includes Fabian Rodriguez & Director of Futsal I.D. Soorena Farboodmanesh. Laura Whiteley, USYF Social Media Administrator will be accompanying the staff also.

U.S. Youth Futsal 1999-00 Boys
Byron Peng
Josue Galvez
Nathan Sherwood
Cade remy
Morrie Budler
Caleb Hajian
Joseph Raasch
Gerardo Nicolas
Conner Hollett
Fernando Cardona
Isaiah Schatz
Owen Rhydderch

U.S. Youth Futsal 1999-01 Girls

Braeleigh McCoy
Grace Powell
Breshna Haider
Alyssa Huynh
Lily Robertson
Alexis Vanderlinden
Caitlin Violet
Angel Vue
Joanie Westcoat
Annika Jurgilewicz
Rory Donahue
Jessica Velasco

U.S. Youth Futsal 2001-02 Boys

Cameron Revels
Ethan Berkovitz
Kaden Ruffer
Leif Johnson
Brandt Betts
Jodar Marcial
Caleb Tan
Jakob Popkin
Matthew Balitskiy
Justin Baeten
Connor Bryant
Derek Liguori

U.S. Youth Futsal 2000-02 Girls

Olivia Sloffer
Fiona Prendergast
Cassandra Forcellini
N'Dea Godwin
Elise O'Neil
Elizabeth Stureman
Madeline Wade
Gage Draper
Meg Holmes
Francesca Mac
Alexandria Perez
Megan Clayton

U.S. Youth Futsal 2003-04 Boys

Luciano Pechota
Coby Jones
William Bencic
Beau ricard
Jack Lucas
Nathanial Vakos
Aidan Knauth
Cooper Forcellini
Mitchell Budler
Jackson Moore
Nathan Trickett

U.S. Youth Futsal 2003-04 Girls

Brooke Collins
Alex Pike
Taylor Berman
Kiley Fitzgerald
Brooke Haarala
Abby Hansen
Ava Hellner
Abigail Maier
Allie Mairn
Taylor Rank
Haley Miller
Riana Kitchen


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