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Futsal India team a step away from Intl glory

Jul 04,2017

The Indian Futsal team reached the finals in the IndoľNepal international Youth Sports Tournament being conducted at Pokhara in Nepal. The tournament is being organised by Siddharth Sports Academy Pokhara.

According to Futsal association representative S Srinivasa Rao, the ongoing tournament would end on Tuesday. Siddhartha Sports Academy is conducting Futsal, Tennis Ball Cricket, Amateur Cricket and Discs Ball tournaments as a part of the International Youth Sports fest, he said. Futsal is an indoor Football game.

City player S Sukesh is representing India in the Futsal tournament being conducted at Nepal, he added. For the first time the Indian Futsal team is participating in an International tournament. He praised the team players P Brahma Teja, P Harsha, S Sukesh, PV Azad, B Vikas, B Purna Chandra Rao, TV Subba Rao, and B Solomon Victor.

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