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Indian youths in Sarawak urged to aim high in sports

July 3, 2017, Monday

KUCHING: Indian youths in Sarawak are encouraged to go further than taking part in sporting activities for recreation to also contribute towards building a sporting nation.

Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil said he was confident that these youths had the talents to be the state’s top athletes.

“Sarawakians are known to be strong in sports. I believe the next top athlete can come from the Indian community because Indian youths have the talents, physique, height and mentality,” he said at the launching of the Kuching Hindu Youth Organisation (KHYO) futsal tournament at Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Indoor Stadium yesterday.

He called for more individuals from the younger generation of the Indian community to represent the state in sports competitions.

“I am keen to see more Indian players participating, for example, in football since we hardly see it here in Sarawak.

“Don’t just play for fun but try to compete in national events. I hope you will continue to excel while bonding together through these activities,” Dr Jerip said.

Six teams participated in this year’s KHYO futsal tournament.

To date, KHYO had held 72 sports competitions since 2014 and 17 of them were held this year, including for pool, bowling and archery.

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