Futsal Insights Seminar - Manchester - 15 July 2017

Futsal Insights
Futsal Insights Seminar

Manchester - 15 July 2017

Futsal Insights (FutsalInsights.com) is dedicated to supporting futsal’s future development by providing access to leading expertise and encouraging collaboration.

The Futsal Insights Seminar will present expert knowledge as well as provide a platform for networking. It will feature thought leaders from a range of fields who will discuss and debate their ideas in order to deliver a stimulating forum for learning and collective action.

The Futsal Insights Seminar takes place on Saturday 15th July 2017 between 12.00 and 16.00, costing just £30 and includes free entry to a practical session (worth £15) the following morning. Tickets are limited so please reserve yours as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The Futsal Insights Seminar will feature the following guest speakers;

Guest Speaker: Luca Oppici (PhD Student Victoria Univeristy, Melbourne)

Presentation Title:
Futsal can fast-track the development of Football passing skill. Evidence from empirical studies.

Presentation Description:
Anecdotally, it is suggested that futsal helps with developing football players. This talk will present scientific evidence to prove this assumption and provide new insights into the “futsal for football debate”.

Speaker Profile:
Luca Oppici is a researcher who has conducted a futsal project funded by UEFA, and supported by the Spanish Football Federation, into the "Transfer of skills from futsal to football in youth players”. He is an Italian PHD Candidate in skill acquisition and perception in action. He investigates the transfer of perceptual skills between sports using representative tasks.

Guest Speaker: Alberto Riquer (Inter Movistar)

Presentation Title: Developing Awareness and Decision Making in Futsal

Presentation Description:
A discussion of awareness and decision making in futsal including tools for coaches to train these aspects and how they are applied at different stages of player development. Will carry out a practical training session to complement this on the same topic the following morning.

Speaker Profile:
Alberto Riquer currently works as the Head Coach of the B Team of Inter Movistar, the world’s most successful futsal club. Alberto brings a wealth of insight in developing youth and senior futsal players of the highest level. Alberto represented the Spanish National Futsal team and has 48 caps to him name, becoming both a FIFA Futsal World Cup Winner and European Champion.

Guest Speaker: Marc Taylor (Senior Lecturer Sports Business Management, Sheffield Hallam Univeristy)

Presentation Title: What does an emerging futsal industry require to succeed in the UK?

Presentation Description:
A discussion around how futsal requires a robust strategic plan for expansion and global competitiveness on the emerging sports landscape.

Speaker Profile:
Marc is a Chartered Marketer of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and a fellow of The Higher Education Authority (HEA). He sits on the editorial panel of Managing Sport and Leisure: An International Journal, reviews Governance submissions to the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics and he has completed book reviews for The European Association of Sport Management.

His primary research interest areas are Strategy, Strategic Organisational Performance.



Saturday 15th July 12.00-16.00
Includes Presentations from Guest Speakers & Panel Discussion and refreshments.

Tickets £30


Sunday 16th July 2017 10.00-12.00 (Manchester City Centre Location TBC)
Includes practical futsal training session by Alberto Riquer on Perception & Decision Making in Futsal.

Tickets £15 (Free for all Seminar Ticket Holders)

Tickets can be purchased at www.FutsalInsights.com

Please direct all event enquiries to info@futsalinsights.com

Futsal Insights


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