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Tranmere Rovers
Tranmere Rovers to play Super League 2017-18

Tranmere Rovers have been successful in their bid to be part of the new FA Futsal Super League, which starts in September 2017.

12 clubs from all over England will take part in the new top tier after their applications were accepted by the league committee. Rovers will be joined by York City, Oxford City, Cambridge United from the professional game, while Manchester, Birmingham, Loughborough, Reading, Salisbury all have teams, with London boasting three teams in Baku United, Helvecia and Genesis.

The move to a full national league represents a huge step forward for English futsal in the 10th anniversary of the FA Futsal League.

Clubs were assessed on financial stability, club structure, support and results amongst other things and Damon Shaw's team, despite finishing 4th in the league, missing out on 2nd by a point, ticked all the boxes for a club that can sustain itself in a full national league.

Damon Shaw said, "I'm delighted to be invited into the Super League. It's where we want to be and we are ready to compete at the top as weve proven with some results. It will be a fantastic league and the ultimate stage in England with clubs like Tranmere, York, Cambridge and the established futsal clubs like Manchester, Baku and Helvecia all ready to make the step up," Damon said.

"It will give everything at the club a boost from the academy to the school programmes we run, the BTEC and hopefully we'll increase the support."

"We owe a lot to the fans, the parents, the schools and of course the owners of the club who have all backed the futsal project at Rovers. We now have the opportunity to establish ourselves as one of the leaders in the game and obviously the aim is to qualify for the Champions' League."

Mark Palios, Tranmere Rovers Chairman, said I have always been a believer in the ability of futsal both as a great game in its own right, and as a means of developing more technically proficient and quick-thinking football players. It is no accident that some of the best players in the world grew up playing futsal. We have put futsal right at the heart of what we are doing here at the Club so it is great that we can show-case it all through a team playing at the highest level of the game in England.

Tranmere Rovers

Tranmere Rovers

Posted by Luca Ranocchiari --> luca.ranocchiari@futsalplanet.com


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