József Mucha
Futsal Coach

József Mucha Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Maza (Hungary)



Name: Jňzsef
Surname: Mucha
Nickname: "Mucus”
Date of birth: 25/10/1951
Place of birth: Maza (HUN)
Height (cm): 176
Weight (kg): 80
Hair color: Gray
Eyes color: Brown
Profession : Futsal coach
Children: 1, Balint (born in 1976)
Shoes number: 41,5
Shoes trademark: Adidas
Futsal Player: Number of players of Rubeola - Balazs Simon, Laslo Zsamar, Zsolt Gyurcsanyi, Gabor Berecz
Futsal League you would like to play:
Belgian or Dutch
Match you remember (+):
2 times win over YUG with HUN selection, championship & Hungarian Cup final (2004)
Goal you remember:
HUN vs. NED EC Qualifications, 2001
As a player
1970-1981 FTC 400 games in national & international circuit of which 250 in the Hungarian Premiere League
1981-1983 KSW Waregen - Belgian 1st division, Belgian Cup final runner-up
2 times Hungarian national champion
4 times Hungarian Cup winner
6 times Hungarian "A" National Team appearances
As a trainer
1991-1996 U21, U19 assistant coach
1996-1997 "A" National team assistant coach
1997-1999 Hungarian futsal team - headh coach
1999 Head coach of FTC
2000-2001 Hungarian futsal team - head coach
2002 Rubeola FC-Csomor - head coach

Year Futsal Salary: -
Drink: wine
Food: turkey with vegetables
Actor: Nicolas Cage
Actress: Julia Roberts
Music: solid
Singer: Julio Iglesias, Tina Turner, Peter Mate, Jimmy Zambo (Hungarians)
Place for holidays: Balaton Lake
Football club you like: FTC
Particular Hobbies: Nature, Reading

József Mucha

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