Mato Stankovic
Futsal Coach

Mato Stankovic Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Dubrovnik (Croatia)


Mato Stankovic Details:

Name: Mato
Surname: Stankovic
Sports Name: Mata
Date of birth: 28/9/1970
Place of birth: Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Height (cm): 189
Weight: 86
Hair colour: Black
Eyes colour: Brown
Professor of Psysical Education (4 years) and Futsal Coach (2 years)
Married with: Dijana
Children: Son Sime
Shoes Number: 45
Shoes trade mark: UMBRO
Futsal Player: Vander Carioca
Futsal Coach: Javier Lozano
Futsal League you would like to coach:
any league, and at any well organized and promising club
Match you remember (+):
UEFA Futsal Cup Final Tournament, Lisbon 2002: SPLIT 1700 - ROMA RCB 2-0
Match you remember (-) :
UEFA Futsal Cup Final Tournament, Lisbon 2002, Semifinals:
CHALREROI 21 - SPLIT 1700 7-3
Goal you remember:
Ivo Podrug's goal finals Croatian futsal league (HMNL) 2000/01

as a player:
Croatian Champion (1.HMNL) 1996/97 with Split 1700
as a coach:
Croatian Champion 2000/2001 with Split 1700
Croatian Cup Winner 2000/2001 with Split 1700
Croatian Champion 2001/2002 with Split Gasperov
Croatian Cup Winner 2001/2002 with Split Gasperov
Champion of Croatia 2002/2003 with Split Gasperov
Cup Winner 2002/2003 with Split Gasperov
Champion of Croatia 2003/2004 with Split Gasperov
Cup Winner 2004/2005 with Split Gasperov
Champion of Croatia 2005/2006 with Brodosplit Inzenjering
Cup Winner 2005/06 with Brodosplit Inzenjering
Assistant coach of Croatian national team 2002-2004

UEFA Futsal Cup 2001/2002 - 3rd place with Split Gasperov
UEFA Futsal Cup 2002/2003 – last 8 teams with Split Gasperov
UEFA Futsal Cup 2003/2004 – last 8 teams with Split Gasperov
UEFA Futsal Cup 2005/2006 – last 16 teams with Brodosplit Inzenjering

- African Futsal Championship 2008 - Winner, Libya Futsal Team
- Arab Futsal Championship 2008 - Winner, Libya Futsal Team
- North Africa Futsal Cup 2009 - Winner, Libya Futsal Team

Drink: Ice tea
Food: Sea food
Clothing: sports and elegant
Colour: Sea blue
Actor: Sean Connery
Actress: Nicole Kidman
Film: »Gladiator»
Book: Each Sheldon's book
Women you like: Black and tall
Music: Pop rock
Singer: Eric Clapton
Place for holidays: Cuba
Football club you like: Hajduk Split
Pat (animal): Dolphin
Politic: Apolitic
3 Wishes:
Without futsal what would like to do:
Sport journalist


About myself

Domovinskog rata 62
21 000 Split
DATE OF BIRTH: 28.9.1970.

I was born in typical Croatian southern region where the word sport meant «something more», it means the same even today.
As a child I was immediately involved in the sport world and my life style was already marked by sports activities.
At the age of 10, I started playing football in 3rd league from Čilipi (a place near the city of Dubrovnik) where I lived.At that time I was also playing handball and futsal at school tournaments. At the age of 17 I become first-team player in football team «Konavljanin».
The very next year I become a student at the Faculty of Physical Education in Split where I was successfuly combining sports and studying.
Arriving in Split I started to play futsal for futsal club «Dalma»-at the time one of the best clubs in the country (in that period futsal Croatian league didn't exist at all).
Parallelly, I was playing football in the second-league club «Jadran»-Supetar in the surroundings of Split. Very soon at the age of 21 I become a coach of juniors' growth categories. In the nineties, the first futsal league in Croatia was finally established. In it I
Was playing for futsal club «Dalma-Aquarius».
At that time we achived outstanding results working with children (genertion '83-'84) and
Training them football. Details: five years without defeat in own league, winning in friendly matches with Croatian football well-known teams (Hajduk, Dinamo), winning at different children's tournaments in Italy (Senegalia….) and also winning some famous football teams.
In 1996 I became first-team coach of the above mentioned second league club (Jadran-Supetar).
In the same year the first futsal club «Split 1700» was established. As a player of that club, I won the first place in the first Croatian futsal league.
That moment completely marked my future so I left football and dedicated my life to futsal.
Playing football for my faculty was also significant, so we won three times successively at Croatian students' league. I was also a member of the Croatian national team in University Futsal World Championship that took place in Finland 1996.
In the year 2000 I stopped with my active playing in futsal and I took over a coach place in the club «Split 1700»; in fact the club got a sponsorship and was named in «Split Gašperov».
The same year we won Croatian league and Cup as well.
The same success w've done this year (2002).
In these two years; with me as a professional futsal coach, we've won two Croatian Championships and two Croatian Cups.
I have to mention that in this year, we've also been members of the UEFA Futsal Cup.
My club organized qualifications in which we placed first (with significant score 13:1) and insured owselves in the finals in Lisabon.
Winning Italian Champions, ending in a draw with Portugnese leading club, winning in the last round the Champion of Bosnia, we came first in the group. In semifinals we lost in the match with Belgian leading club and officially we came third in Europe.
Knowing that our annual budget is too small and refering to the fact that we don't have any foreign players, we've been considering this result remarcable and unexpected success, meaning a lot for developing of the futsal in Croatia.
At the end, I have to mention that from the beginning of this year I've also been acting as a coach of the Croatian futsal national team.
I graduated at the faculty of psysical education (4 years) and I have a degree of the professor of psysical education. I also got a higher national diploma at school for football coaches (2 years)-specialization in futsal. My graduation thesis was:»Systems of playing in futsal»
I would like to mention that I'm good at languages-English-fluent, Italian-elementary.
Briefly or not I've writen my curriculum vitae-for some people it may be remarcable for others it isn't, but for me it's just the basis from which I'd like to keep on going in the future.

Mato Stankovic

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