Andri Vigfusson
Futsal Journalist
F.I.F.A. Futsal Referee

Andri Vigfusson Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Reykjavik (Iceland)


Andri Vigfusson Details:

Name: Andri
Surname: Vigfusson
Date of birth: 23/08/1984
Place of birth: Reykjavik
Height (cm) : 176
Weight (kg) : 68
Eyes color: Blue
Profession: Security guard
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Adidas

Match you remember (+):
The repeated final of the first domestic futsal tournament in Iceland, between Valur and Vidir. Great match that ended 5-2 for Valur.

Youth player until 2001 for Selfoss.
Referee since 2001, national referee since 2008.

Referee since 2006.
FIFA Futsal Referee since 2010.

Drink: Water or Coca Cola
Food: Chicken
Car, Your Car: Peugeout 206
Clothing: Casual or tracksuit
Color: Blue
Actor: Tom Hanks
Film: Too many pick just one
Book: Also so many
Music: Almost anything
Place for holidays: Iceland

Andri Vigfusson

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