Orlando Coelho (Lando)
Futsal Player

Orlando Coelho Lando Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Porto (Portugal)


Orlando Coelho Lando Details:

Name: Orlando Miguel Couto Coelho
Surname: Coelho
Nickname: "Lando"
Date of birth:13/06/1984
Place of birth: Porto, Portugal
Height (cm) : 172
Weight (kg) : 69
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Brown
Profession: Professional Futsal Player
Engaged with: Liliana Santos
Shoes number: 39
Shoes trademark: Nike
Sportsman: João Vieira Pinto
Futsal Player: Vander Carioca
Futsal Coach: Everyone had
Futsal President: António Guedes (F.C. Ameal Regado)
Futsal League you would like to play:
LNFS Division de Honor, Spain

Match you remember (+):
08/09 Final Cup Rumania (Cip Deva – City´us Tg-Mures 3-4 )

Match you remember (-):
08/09 Final Super Cup Rumania (Odorheiu - City´us Tg.Mures 7-3)

Goal you remember:
06/07 Módicus – Alpendorada (4-3), Portuguese Championship 1 League

Boavista F.C. (5 years)
Coimbrões (1 year)
Módicus (3 years)
City´us TG-Mures ( Since 2008...)

Year Futsal Sallary:
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
I hope so

Drink: Coca-Cola , Caipirinha
Food: Bacalhau
Car, Your Car: Mercedes
Clothing: Casual
Color: Black
Actor: Denzel Washington
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Film: Gladiator
Book: Biography sports
Women you like: My woman
Music: House music, hip-hop, Samba
Singer: Freddy Mercury
Town for living: Porto
Place for holidays: Palma de Maiorca
Football club you like: S.L. Benfica
Pet (animal) : Horse
Game you like: Futsal, Football and Hoquei
Politic: Respect
3 wishes:
Be happy in this World !
Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Player of other Sports
Particular Hobbies:
Internet, Travel, PlayStation

Orlando Coelho Lando

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