Roman Mares
Futsal Player

Roman Mares Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Prague (Czech Republic)

Czech Republic

Roman Mares Details:

Surname: MAREŠ
Date of birth: 15.3.1975
Place of birth: Havlickuv Brod
Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 62
Hair color: brown
Eyes color: brown
Profession (if not Futsal): electrician
Married with (Girlfriend): no, girlfriend Šárka
Childrens: no
Shoes number: 40
Shoes trademark: Adidas
Sportsman: Tchachuk – NHL (Ice hockey-USA)
Futsal Player: Vereznikov, Markin
Futsal Coach: Papajev, Stríz
Futsal President: Petr Fousek
Futsal League you would like to play: Russian
Match you remember (+):
EURO 2001 Qualifier match: Belgium – Czech Republic 1:4 (4 goals)
Match you remember (-):
Russian cup – final match: Alfa Ekaterinburg – Dina Moskva 4 : 3
Pramen Havlickuv Brod – Czech Republic,
Dina Moscow - Russia
Czech National Futsal Team Captain:
1st match on 11.4.1999 ( Czech Republic – Slovenia 4:0 )
In Total: 20 appearance, 15 goals
Year Futsal Sallary: no comment
Drink: Beer, Coca-cola, watter
Food: cinese food, chicken
Clothing: Sport style,
Color: blue,
Actor: Seagal, Lungren
Actress: J. Roberts, K. Basinger
Film: Bone collector
Book: sport magazines
Women you like: czech girls only
Music: Hard rock, rock
Singer: Off spring green day
Town for living: Moscow
Place for holidays: sea (Spain,) vacation in cottage
Football club you like: Manchester United
Game you like: Ice hockey
Politic: apolitic
3 wishes:
To have happy and healthy family and life,
To play with czech National Futsal Team in Euro - or World Championship
To win russian league with Dina
Without Futsal what you would like to do:
Play another sport
Particular Hobbies:
To walk with girlfriend and their dog Kendy,
listening to the music

Roman Mares

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