Monica Szalay
Futsal Photographer

Monica Szalay Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Budapest (Hungary)


Monica Szalay Details:

Name: Monika
Surname: Szalay
Date of birth: 14/01/1970
Place of birth: Budapest (Hungary)
Height (cm): 163
Weight (kg): 55
Hair color: Red
Eyes color: Blue/green
Profession (if not Futsal): Public functionary
Shoes number: 37
Futsal Player: Krisztian Somogyi and many more
Futsal Coach: Janos Kis (ex futsal coach)
Match you remember (-): Godollo vs Shakhtar Donetsk (0-11)

Career: Metal Hammer, some more newspapers

Drink: Cappy (with vodka)
Food: Greek gyros
Car, Your Car: Bugatti EB Veyron
Color: Blue
Actor: Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones
Actress: Jody Foster
Film: Snatch
Book: L.Passuth: Rain-God bewails Mexico
Music: Hard Rock,, ,HC
Town for living: Budapest
Place for holidays: Greece
Football club you like: Liverpool
Pet (animal): Cat 747B
Game you like: UEFA Champions League
3 wishes: Heatlth, Stillness, Emancipated men :-)
Particular Hobbies: Bowling, Soccer, Freehand drawing

Monica Szalay

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