Pablo Alexander Monroy Soto
Futsal Player

Pablo Alexander Monroy Soto Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Guatemala (Guatemala)



Name: Pablo Alexander Monroy Soto
Sportsname: Pablo Monroy
Date of birth: 30/11/1981
Place of birth: Guatemala
Height (cm): 171
Weight (kg): 90
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Brown
Profession (if not Futsal): Accountancy consultant
Shoes number: 41
Shoes trademark: Nike
Goal you remember (+): Tip-Nac vs Amatitlan (1-0) National Championship, great shot!

1988-1989 11 estrellas Campos de Roosevelt
1990-1991 Deportivo Oscar Campos del Cejusa
1992-1993 11 Estrellas Campos del Cejusa
1994 Tip-Nac
1995-1998 5 championships with the major team (3 in first division, 2 in second division)
1999-2002 Deportivos Aula 2000 - Runner up in the "Torneo Nacional" won by "El Colegio"
2003-2004 Injured
2005-2006 Hero Atletic Club (Liga Estelar de Futsala)
2006-2007 Bremen (Liga categoria A)

Drink: Ice tea
Food: Asado
Color: Orange
Film: "Sangre por sangre"
Music: Christian
Place for holidays: Hostales del Irtra Reu
Football club you like: Barcelona
Sports you like: Swimming, Ping pong, Billiard, Volleyball, Basketball
Without Futsal what you would like to do: Owning and running a sporting goods store
Particular Hobbies: Music, Television

Pablo Alexander Monroy Soto

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