Costas Chrisafis
Futsal Journalist

Costas Chrisafis Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Athens (Greece)


Costas Chrisafis Details:

Name: Costas
Surname: Chrisafis
Date of birth: 09/06/1970
Place of birth: Athens

Details: Futsal journalist ex chief editor of "Mini Football News" magazine (2001-2004), webmaster of and columnist at the sports department of "Adesmeftos Tipos" newspaper.

Height (cm): 181
Weight (kg): 84
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown
Profession: Futsal journalist
Marital status: Married with Elena since 1998
Children: A son, Nicholas.Philippos
Shoes number: 42
Shoes trademark: Adidas, Nautica
Sportsman: Daley Thompson (an English decathlon athlete from the very past!), because of his endurance
Futsal Player: Javi Rodriguez from outside Greece & I will give my best "5" from Greece: Costas Pappas, Stefanos Michalis, Takis Lioutas, Yannis Mostrios & Manolis Silignakis
Futsal Coach: Dimitris Nicolaou & Apostolos Beltsidis
Futsal President: Theodoros Darlas & Michalis Papadopoulos
Match you remember (+): 1. Platon Athina '90 4-5 (10/4/2006) Greek play-offs. Tremendous intensity! 2. Aias Doukas 0-7 (2001 Greek championship). My first Futsal match!
Match you remember (-): Greece Hungary 2-3 (2002 4 nation tournament). We should have won that!

My first "contact" with Futsal was on 2001 and since then I write about our beautiful sport. In "Mini Football News" magazine, in website and from the 20th of September 2006 in, a website that I have created myself from my love for the five-a-side game! Since March 2006 I am the Panathinaikos reporter at "Adesmeftos Tipos" newspaper, and from 2004 I maintain a Futsal column in weekly basis. I have also been a Futsal reporter in "Athlitiki Icho", "Protathlitis" & "Score" sports newspapers.

Drink: Coke (only!)
Food: Steaks (only!)
Car, Your Car: Ford Maverick XLT
Clothing: Casual
Color: Blue, green
Actor: Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington
Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Film: Along Came a Spider, Scent of a Woman, Mystic River
Book: Mostly "police thrillers"
Women you like: My wife, of course!
Music: Rock (only!)
Favourite bands: Ramones, U2, Simple Minds, Dire Straits, Green Day
Town for living: Athens and Rome
Place for holidays: Santorini and Halkidiki
Football club you like: Panathinaikos FC, Manchester United, AS Roma, Barcelona
Pet (animal): Dogs (only!), I owned in the past
Politic: In general right, but I am having doubts about politicians
3 wishes: 1. Health, 2. Futsal in the Olympics, 3. Greek Futsal National Team in a major tournament!
Without Futsal what you would like to do: A Pharmacist (in diploma from the University of Rome)
Particular Hobbies: Music, cinema, swimming, interesting talks, enjoying a good Futsal game

Costas Chrisafis

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