Dejan Simic
Futsal Player

Dejan Simic Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Ljubljana (Slovenia)



Dejan Simic Details:

Name: Dejan
Surname: Simic
Nickname: Simke
Date of birth: 28/10/1982
Place of birth: Ljubljana
Height (cm) : 168
Weight (kg) : 68
Hair color: black
Eyes color: brown
Particular signs: /
Profession: student
Engaged with: /
Children: /
Shoes number: 39
Shoes trademark: Umbro, Kelme
Sportsman: Zidane, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer
Futsal Player: Juan, Marquinho, Neto, Foglia, Falcao, Darko Tokič, Mile Simeunovič, Senudin Džafič
Futsal Coach: Tomaž Barbek, Darko Križman, Javier Lozano
Futsal President: Patrik Peroša
Futsal League you would like to play: Brazilian league and Spain Division de Honor
Match you remember (+):
Svea Lesna Litija – Gip Beton MTO 6:3 (5. final match)
Match you remember (-):
Slovenia – Spain 3:3 (Caceres 2003 , Qualification match for European Championship)
Goal you remember:
Arzignano Grifo – Svea Lesna Litija 3:4 - I scored goal four seconds before the end of match (Azerbaijan Baku 2005, Uefa Futsal Cup)

Nk Litija
Kmn Svea Lesna Litija
Gip Beton MTO

Year Futsal Sallary:
After the Player Career you will remain in Futsal:
Yes, I hope like a futsal coach
Drink: Coca Cola
Food: Pizza
Car, Your Car: Renault Velsatis, Renault Laguna II
Clothing: Sport style
Color: Blue
Actor: Jim Carry, George Clooney, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford
Actress: Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Jeniffer Aniston
Film: Ocean`s eleven, The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Book: /
Women you like: Smart and sympatic
Music: All kind of music
Singer: /
Town for living: I don`t know, maybe Split
Place for holidays: Brazil, Egypt, Spain
Football club you like: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter
Pet (animal) : Dog (Rotweiller)
Game you like: PC-games, all games with ball
Politic: /
3 wishes:
to recover as soon as possible
to be in good health and have happy life.
to find a nice flat in respectable time

Without Futsal what you would like to do:
I would like to work with computers.
Particular Hobbies:
Playing tennis with my friends. Surfing on the Internet

Dejan Simic

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