Gui Costa
Futsal Coach

Gui Costa Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Belo Horizonte (Brazil)



Gui’s first contact with a ball was through a Futsal ball. Born in Brazil,he started playing Futsal age 6, and participated in teams of competition from age 10. Gui played for Minas Futsal club (National League team in Brazil), until 16. Also at age 16 Gui played outdoor, winning the under 16’s Brazilian competition, Taca Rio de Janeiro. At 17 he started a degree in Human Movements, which lasted for 4 years. Which majored in Football and Futsal. At age 19, Gui came back to play Futsal for then Arsenal Club (Colegio Sto Antonio), and played one year for both the top team, and the youth team. In 1995 he joined the top team of Arsenal, and became a professional Futsal player there. After finishing his degree in 1998, he got a contract in Japan to work with Football, after having worked at Cruzeiro National league Football Cub with the under 20’s team, from 1996 to 1998.

In Japan, Gui was an advisor for developing Football at Akita Prefecture, and was employed by the Japanese Government through the Jet Program, which lasted for 3 years.

Between 2001 and 2002 Gui went back to Brazil to work with the previous director of coaching for QFA, Mauricio Marques, Gui’s role was to coach at the famous Futsal Center of Excellence, in his hometown, Belo Horizonte.

In April 2003 Gui received the invitation to work for QFA as the Director of Coaching,

Duties with QFA include:

- Supervise coaching through our state representative teams.
- Coach the men’s QLD team, and Head coach of Dal Ponte Academy.
- Writer of QFA coaching Newsletter and QFA coaching website.
- Run Futsal clinics in specific areas in the state, for the development of the game. Including New Zealand.


- Named coach for Australian Women’s Futsal team, 2005.
- Named director of coaching for Oceania, during the Futsal World Cup Qualifying, in 2004.
- National titles championship – QLD Women’s team 2003.
- Hyundai Cup Winners – QLD Men’s team 2004.
- International Cheetah Cup Winners – Women’s National team 2004.
National School title – Director of Coaching 2004.
- State of Origin – Director of Coaching 2004.
- Tours with Futsal: Japan, Fiji, Brazil, Samoa, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, and Holland.


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