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03/01/2006  -  Coach
 from: Frankfurt - Germany
 Hello Futsalfriends,
i am Coach of Eintracht Frankfurt Futsal Team,we play in the regional Hessen Futsal League for the first time.
We are interested in friendly games and tournaments in europe.

01/01/2006  -  polsak
 from: bangkok - Thailand
 Hello Futsal Friends
I'm player National Team Futsal Thai Wellcome to

01/01/2006  -  polsak
 from: bangkok - Thailand
 Hello Futsal Friends
I'm player National Team Futsal Thai Wellcome to

20/12/2005  -  Ali
 from: Bergen - Norway
 Hi, when are you going to anounce the winner of the Quiz??
Also please visit my clubs homepage http//

20/12/2005  -  medina lucas
 from: Argentina
 juegon en el bi-campeon de argentina en pinocho, quiero informacion de mi club y del fenomeno de falcao, gracias

19/12/2005  -  Pavel
 from: Otrokovice - Czech Republic

19/12/2005  -  Pavel
 from: Otrokovice - Czech Republic
 Hi all, Futsal is the best sport on the world.
See U
Your friend from Czech Republic

19/12/2005  -  Muncher
 from: Sydney - Australia
 Hi Check us out at

18/11/2005  -  Hector
 from: Malta
 Hi, to all futsal fans, very nice and very interesting website, from futsal club fugazi5. (in malta)
visit us at

16/11/2005  -  futsalischia
 from: Italy il nuovo sito della Società PROFESSIONAL FUTSAL ISCHIA
Serie A Femminile e C2 Maschile Regionale Campania.
Visitateci,insieme per rendere ancora più importante questo Sport!

10/11/2005  -  habib maohmed
 from: new york - Armenia
 plec i get wat to?

02/11/2005  -  miss
 from: Florence - Italy - Italy

visit it!

20/10/2005  -  Basten
 from: Jagodina - Serbia/Montenegro
 Greetings from Serbia to all futsal fans.

18/10/2005  -  Anph
 from: Sydney - Australia
 This is the best futsal site going around, well done guys keep spreading the game of futsal, check out in a few weeks. Still in construction

15/10/2005  -  carlaos77
 from: Milan - Italy
 Hi, Mico, very good website. Yesterday Meneghina won 3-1, i'll mail you our website address.
See you soon

04/10/2005  -  Egis
 from: Vilnius - Lithuania
I'm Manager/coach of Lithuanian futsal team "AKTAS". Our team plays in Lithuania Futsal Premiere League and we are interested in Futsal CD. How we could get it and improve our skills in futsal?
It would be nice if you can help us...

01/10/2005  -  gameo
 from: cardiff - Wales
 hi there,could ne of u guys tell me how i could get involved in futsal?r there any clubs in my area?!ive played for inter cardiff,trialist at cardiff city and have played for merthyr tydfil.please help.thanks.

30/09/2005  -  jomfutsal_com
 from: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
 I am back again.... visit to view the latest site on futsal & football etc. Join in as a member and enjoy talking to other members in the shout box live.
C ya there....


29/09/2005  -  buleng
 from: jakarta - Indonesia
 now i'm coaching the futsal team of our college...i need some modul to guiding me to do that. how can i get that

24/09/2005  -  jomfutsal_com
 from: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
 Hi Guys...,
Its great to see and know all u futsal fans and players out there... come 10th October 2005 Malaysia will have another futsal website.... Stay tuned will be back with the updates....


11/09/2005  -  tim
 from: coffs - Australia
 how do u join? help send back

06/09/2005  -  Patrice
 from: Cayenne - French Guyana
 Hi Futsalplanet team,

Your site is a mondial reference for the futsal news.

we wants futsal videos and online lessons :)
See U
Your friend from Cayenne !!!

04/09/2005  -  Alex
 from: Armidale - Australia
 Hey this is kool i love to play futsal and this is a kool website to get info off about it! well done

03/09/2005  -  Jonathan
 from: Calabar - Nigeria
 please i want to know what it takes to join the Futsal planet football,and know more history about Falcao.

26/08/2005  -  InterFut
 from: Wesel - Germany
 Dear Futsal Friends,

now we have two new Portals for Germany: &

Have Fun

With Best Regards

Naim Sassi



26/08/2005  -  Pedro
 from: Lisbon - Portugal
 Portuguese League 2005/06 - Regular Season

Draw (August 23th)
- 1st day (01/10/2005)
Fundação - Rio Ave
Sp. Braga - SL Olivais
Freixieiro - Famalicense
Benfica - Boavista
Sporting - Sassoeiros
Sp. Pombal - Alpendorada
Belenenses - Piedense

2nd day (05/10/2005)
Rio Ave - Belenenses
SL Olivais - Fundação
Famalicense - Sp. Braga
Boavista - Freixieiro
Sassoeiros - SL Benfica
Alpendorada - Sporting
Piedense - Sp. Pombal

3rd day (08/10/2005)
Rio Ave - SL Olivais
Fundação - Famalicense
Sp. Braga - Boavista
Freixieiro - Sassoeiros
SL Benfica - Alpendorada
Sporting - Piedense
Belenenses - Sp. Pombal


20/08/2005  -  Talajo
 from: Drammen - Norway
 Hello, i just wondering why aren`t players like Vanenburg and Boukardi in the players list?.....I tought they were the best futsalers...btw great side;).

19/08/2005  -  Mikel Azkorra Larrondo
 from: Gernika -
 Yesterday we saw some magnific matches and a great final with Inteviu Boomerang and MRA Gutarra Xota.
Interviu won by penalties.

04/08/2005  -  Giorgio
 from: Rome - Italy
 I'm searching for women futsal players or coaches in all the world to change news and experiences

04/08/2005  -  Darren Allat
 from: Sydney - Australia
 G'Day everyone. Mico and the boys great site, love it heaps. Keep safe and keep on the court however you can.

May Futsal Be the Winner

Darren Allatt
Australian Futsal Referee
NSW Futsal Referees Association MC

29/07/2005  -  roberto di matteo
 from: roma - Italy
 io roberto di matteo presidente del cinecitta' calcio a 5 serie a 2 girone b in italia che abbiamo acquistato cinque giocatori fra i piu' forti del campionato italiano :
1) daverson franzoi
2) adriano salomao
3) texeira rafael
4) foletto darci
5) de bella simone

Il mio augurio e' quello di disputare un campionato di serie a 2 interessante e non vorrei dimenticare che la nostra under 21 e i resti della prima squadra sono formati da 10 giocatori italo brasiliani del 1986 - 1987
Vi ringrazio anticipatamente e vi invio cordiali saluti.

25/07/2005  -  El 17
 from: Villa Pueyrredon- Capital Federal - Argentina
 Hello futsalworld we are 17 de Agosto Futsal from Argentina if you want you can visit aour web page that is
Thank you and a hug to all futsal supporters in te world!

25/07/2005  -  konjarnik
 from: Belgrade - Serbia/Montenegro
 konjarnik won to be new champion of SCG

23/07/2005  -  fatmir36
 from: Skopje - Macedonia
 Macedonian futsal champions ALFA PARF will have their appearance for the first time in Futsal cup and they were very "lucky" with the group.Along them are Perugia and Boomerang.I'm wishing them good luck and in the same time I admire them because they will watch the derby of europa.Keep the good work futsal planet.Thanks and regards

23/07/2005  -  ELPOZO
 from: MURCIA - Spain
 El Pozo is one of the best futsal teams in the world. Thanks to this club, my city is well know in Spain and in other parts of the world. All of you should visit Murcia in the southeast of Spain.

18/07/2005  -  scsc
 from: taipei - Chinese Taipei
 SCSC youth teams will tour Europe between Jan.25/Feb.10.2006 and also July.10/August.15.2006.
If anybody is aware of a U-11/U-12/U-13 FUTSAL tournaments in Europe, please contact us. Thank you.

18/07/2005  -  damon
 from: blackburn uk - England
 Keep up the good work!!

15/07/2005  -  Farukito
 from: maputo - Mozambique
 we gon a play agains portugal champion SL BENFICA, on 20th of july in maputo, in a friendly match

06/07/2005  -  Vladsson
 from: Bratislava - Slovakia
 Futsal friends, info about futsal life and matches or tournaments please send in my mail... I wanna give in in my web site - official web site of Slovak futsal :

30/06/2005  -  rek
 from: Bangkok - Thailand
 I wish to learning technique and tactic futsal Thank you

25/06/2005  -  Filipe
 from: Portugal

24/06/2005  -  Italian futsal player.
 hi all futsalplanet's fans! Hi to Falcao my absolute favorite player, that I know he always follow futsal planet!!
I'd like to have an information: wich is the futsal team that have the biggest game field, with the greather number of places (in the world)?

24/06/2005  -  SCSC
 from: Taipei - Chinese Taipei
 Futsalplant is the VOICE of International Futsal... would like to thank you for the great service you offer.

23/06/2005  -  alma8486
 from: napoli - Italy
 Salve, innanzitutto complimenti per il sito,spesso lo visito ed ora ho pensato anche di lasciarvi un messaggio.Avrei un richiesta da fare:non si potrebbe aggiornare in modo più dettagliato la sezione photogallery?Ammetto che ci sono foto interessanti ma trovo che siano un pò poche,sarebbe bello poter vedere pubblicate più foto sul campionato italiano e della nostra nazionale.Il mio è un modesto suggerimento di un'inviata sportiva di calcio a 5,ma soprattutto di una grande appassionata di questo sport.Grazie per l'attenzione concessami.Ancora congratulazioni per il vostro lavoro!

20/06/2005  -  FUTSAL ISCHIA
 from: napoli italy - Italy
 cerchiamo 2 atlete esperte di nazionalità straniera da inserire nella nostra squadra che partecipa al Campionato Figc di serie A per il prossimo Campionato 2005/2006.
Per il test invitiamo le aspiranti a nostre spese presso la ns SEDE SPORTIVA.
Contattateci via e mail ! c.a. Sigra Sergiano Nicoletta trainer.

17/06/2005  -  Smurphette
 from: Childer - Australia
 Hey, I play Futsal in the local competetion. I've played soccer since i was 3 and had neva heard of Futsasl till i moved to Childers...
I think it totally ROX!!
I don't beleive futsal gets the attention it deserves.
Everyone knows bout soccer but are unaaware of Futsal. Everyone in childers knowsbout futsal and those who play are really good.
So thanx for the cool website to keep me up to daate with the happenins of Futsal...

12/06/2005  -  Paulie
 from: Portsmouth - England
 Congratulations for your impressive work! This seems to be the only competent futsal web site all around the world!
Keep up the good work guys

26/05/2005  -  Gameon
 from: Alicante - Spain
 Hi, we're a friendly bunch of English lads, living just south of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca in Spain and are desperately looking for other teams to play against and to play in tournaments - can anyone here help?

Contact by email -

By phone - (+34) 628 789 335



25/05/2005  -  Davide Ceci
 from: Nepi - Italy
 Complimenti a tutti per il grande servizio che fornite a tutti gli appassionati di futsal in tutto il mondo

24/05/2005  -  Tane
 from: Belgrade - Serbia/Montenegro
 Greetings to the Web Team of Futsal Planet from Serbian neibhours and Futsal Balkan coleges... Keep Up a good work...

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