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16/04/2007  -  Zyma Zaifulizan
 from: Kuching, Sarawak - Malaysia
 Goodbye Dimitri, a great loss for world futsal community.. thanks for everything!

16/04/2007  -  npetritsis
 from: athens - Greece
 good bye my friend dimitri and thanks for everything...YOU LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!!!!Nikos Petritsis, coach Salaminas

16/04/2007  -  Andreja
 from: Milano - Italy
 Caro amico Dimitri, addio, non ti dimenticheremo mai!

10/04/2007  -  omidbarcelona
 from: tehran - Iran
 We have a futsal club. We need video clips of futsal tactic and training.
thank for your help.

28/03/2007  -  newo
 from: malang - Indonesia
 Hi, me and my team will participate in a regional futsal competition in indonesia and we just have two weeks to prepare. i want to know what kind of training that we have to do..please...thank you.

22/03/2007  -  Jinny
 from: Bangkok - Thailand
 I have heard that Futsal Coaching Course will be arranged in Qatar West during 23-28 April. There is no any infomation in the website (e.g. admission fee, deadline, how to apply) Anyone can give me more information Thanks in advance for the one can help me.

20/03/2007  -  MONTELUPO

07/03/2007  -  MD
 from: Sweden
 My team will come to Aten the 24 of maj to compete in the River Cup. Is somebody knows of this tournament? How was it last year. the homepage..

05/03/2007  -  presidente
 from: catanzaro - Italy
 sono contento di essermi appassionato a questo sport,e ho fondato una societÓ da 5 anni,militiamo in c2 e stiamo lavorando molto bene,visitate il nostro sito

03/03/2007  -  marc
 from: antwerp - Belgium
 Keep u the good work! It''s great to see how many futsal lovers exist!
Who likes to help us to find new teams for our international tournament in Belgium. Last year we had 80 teams from 30 countries. 3 tournaments: 1 for women, 1 for men & 1 for 35+. We hope to find assitence under you, futsal lovers! all info:
thanks and keep safe

28/02/2007  -  azus
 from: BATAM - Indonesia
 Please TEll me about ,Tactic and training for Futsal Skill

Thank you

21/02/2007  -  Marc Reichert
 from: Gro▀-Gerau - Germany
 Very nice site!
Go F U T S A L and maybe visit our Futsal site ifrom Germany...

21/02/2007  -  brazylion3
 from: Ostrowiec Św. - Poland
 Look for this team from Ostrowiec Św.

19/02/2007  -  Malabata
 from: Heerlen - Netherlands
 i can only see movies at the i-net from dutch futsal players arent there movies from spanish or russian or italian or ukrainian futsal players....etc. if someabody know let me know please

Greetz from the country where futsal has begon with a new born

13/02/2007  -  futsalfan
 from: podgorica - Montenegro
 pozdrav za sve ljubitelje futsala..

09/02/2007  -  maga
 from: American Samoa
 GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27/01/2007  -  ekokos
 from: Russia
 Where i can look something about intercontinental cup 2007?

27/01/2007  -  chris borg
 from: Malta
 Visit our new maltese futsal website: & sign the guestbook please. thank you. It''s very nice!!

20/01/2007  -  Klos
 from: Lysa Gora - Poland
 Klos Lysa Gora salutes! :D

18/01/2007  -  legend
 from: Perth - Australia
 Hi All looking for teams who wish to travel to Perth Australia Thankyou Colin Carnachan

18/01/2007  -  Tomas_Dittinger
 from: Bratislava - Slovakia
 Hello futsal fans and players. I''m manager and player of a team which plays the regional league in my country. I want to arrange a friendly match in other country. If any club has the good conditions for this, please write me an email. Best wishes.

18/01/2007  -  Francisco
 from: Curitiba - Brazil
 Ich bin futsal trainer und wolte gerne in europa arbeiten.

17/01/2007  -  ZAFUTSAL
 from: Lisboa - Portugal

16/01/2007  -  Giorgio
 from: Roma - Italy

11/01/2007  -  Lion
 from: DŘsseldorf - Germany

04/01/2007  -  Dusko Lucic
 from: Niksic - Montenegro
 Sono presidendte di KMF Ekonomist, abbiamo due squadre, maschile e femminile. Nostra squdra maschhile gioca in Campionato di Montenegro. Squadra femminile e~ stato campione di Montenegro cinque volte. Vogliamo costruire collaborazione sportiva con squadre italine.

03/01/2007  -  Babak
 from: Prag - Czech Republic

01/01/2007  -  tiago
 from: porto alegre - Brazil
 jogo futsal e estou procura de um clube para jogar na europa.tenho currÝculo. e em 2006 joguei com o fininho e rabicˇ.

01/01/2007  -  saryono
 from: Jogja - Indonesia
 go.. go. Indonesian Futsal,

i hope indonesia to be a good playing futsal

29/12/2006  -  molchano
 from: Russia
 удачи вам во всех делах,... Дина лучше всех!

04/12/2006  -  Giuseppe1989
 from: Giovinazzo - Italy
 Ciao ho creato un blog dedicato al calcio a 5 italiano venite a visitarlo xke Ŕ bellissimo.

Hi I create a blog about italian Futsal go to visit it is beautiful

28/11/2006  -  Rapha Rodrigues
 from: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 I'd like play futsal in a some country. I'm a brazilian futsal player and I would like to play futsal in some other country. Atenciously,
Raphael Rodrigues

27/11/2006  -  Kenzo
 from: Cardiff - Wales
 I'm french I'm new here and I play futsal in France I'm looking for a futsal league can you help me please thanks so much my name is Kenzo

25/11/2006  -  Borisov
 from: Bulgaria
 Hello friends, I'm a player from Bulgaria! I was a littel bit disapponted when I saw that you don't have any information about our championchip! It starts on the 2.12.06 in Gabrovo. I play in the best team in my country so we're determine to get through champion leage's groups! Please write mote about us, because in Bulgaria there are a lot of good players! Best wishes from Bulgaria

24/11/2006  -  Carlo
 from: Gross-Gerau - Germany
 Ciao Antonio,siamo disponibili per la collaborazione con voi.

24/11/2006  -  antonio
 from: catanzaro - Italy
 a.s.d. mattia preti taverna disponibile per collaborazione sportiva.mi riferisco a carlo dalla germania

21/11/2006  -  manager
 from: Manizales - Colombia
 hello my frends
we have a club in Manizales
this club play in villacarmenza cup
is the best
i don┤t know how to say
"esta invicto"
see you

18/11/2006  -  david
 from: london - England
 i love futsal but it so hard to find a under 18's
league in my area in south west london could you please tell me were there is one localy

16/11/2006  -  Vanish
 from: Ekaterinburg - Russia
 Hello. I'd like to look up at the Brazilian first team squad (with profiles, if possible) of this season. Couldn't find it here, need your assistance. Thanks fwd


15/11/2006  -  lorenzo
 from: Montegranaro - Italy

13/11/2006  -  Angelo
 from: Duessledorf - Germany
 Why don┤t you have the german league and tournament with their teams on your site?It would be very nice.

10/11/2006  -  BRUNO CACă├O VILLA
 from: Londrina - Brazil
 I'm a futsal coach. i would like work in futsal club out of Brazil...tanks

08/11/2006  -  Helen
 from: Porto Alegre - Brazil
 Jogo futsal e estou a procura de uma equipe para jogar em alguma cidade da europa. Tenho currÝculo e DVD sou goleira

Jugo f˙tbol sala, estoy en busca del equipe para jugar en alguna ciudad del europa.

08/11/2006  -  Noslin Sport
 from: Amersfoort - Netherlands
 Enjoy the highlights of the Dutch Eredivisie futsal. Now availlable at

07/11/2006  -  Thomas Lehmann
 from: Berlin - Germany
 Hi my friends...

I am the deputy chairman and a player of the first official futsal club from Germany's capital, Berlin!

We founded "United Futsal Berlin" in June of this year, 2006, and try to make futsal more popular and structured in Berlin and Germany...

Currently we play in the futsal league of the universities of Berlin, which we won last season.

We are looking for partner teams and tournaments in Germany and all Europe (and the world? :-)) !!!

Best wishes from Berlin to the world!

Thomas Lehmann
United Futsal Berlin

06/11/2006  -  matthias
 from: LŘnen - Germany

30/10/2006  -  reinaldo arevalo
 from: margarita - Venezuela
 i want to know more the rules the futbolsala in spanish, if is possibel i pay the envelope to send to me. l sorry for my english.

28/10/2006  -  beny_b
 from: Pascani - Romania
 We are team of amateurs from Romania, we need help...tactics ofense defense anything...what do we need to became a official team? please help us

25/10/2006  -  Carlo
 from: Gross-Gerau - Germany
 Cerchiamo societÓ di calcio a 5 in Italia per collaborazione sportiva

24/10/2006  -  Warrior
 from: Gross-Gerau - Germany
 We are an Futsal Team from Germany,and we are searching Friendlys and Tournaments in Europe

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