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31/05/2012  -  Luke Futsal
 from: Turin - Italy
 Dear futsal friends,
we have just re-opened our guestbook on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of!

Feel free to leave your messages here! staff

23/01/2009  -  woman fan
 from: Sofia - Bulgaria
 FSC LEVSKI SOFIA WEST is the best team in Bulgaria!

11/01/2009  -  Hurti Wiedmer Futsal Coach
 from: Watt/Zurich - Switzerland
 Happy New FUTSAL Year. 2009

02/01/2009  -  c saman
 from: Johanneburg -
 we are looking for a team (futsal) to play a game in south africa. date July 27 till August 9. we are travelling from Johanneburg to kaapstad. Please answer.....

24/12/2008  -  chicko
 from: Tel- aviv - Israel
 Futsal is the best game ever!!!

Miko, keep going forword with this site!!!

soon there will b an Israeli site!!!

12/12/2008  -  ikhlaq
 from: birmingham - England
 Hi ,i have been using the futsal planet website for a long time, gives me all the information i need. thank you .if you want to play futsal in Birmingham England?VISIT ; .our club has teams in all ages male andfemale.

11/12/2008  -  balian de ibelin
 from: Spain
 I am a spanisch coach with experience and desire to know the football hall in other countries. Help to raise the level and sporting prestige. I can advise the current coaching staff. Thank you.

11/12/2008  -  Aibek
 from: Prague, Teplice - Czech Republic
 Hi, any interes to futsal in CZ?

09/12/2008  -  dzsiku
 from: herzebrock - Germany
 l was futball torward in Romania,1 liga,but now l leave in germany,l want to play futsal,please help me,time find.Thanks Andas

22/11/2008  -  Futsal81
 Check out our latest futsal website. In here you will see what is the maltese futsal about. Leave us your comments in it.

20/11/2008  -  PatriotKZ
 from: Almaty - Kazakhstan
 Alga Kairat!!! Alga Kazakhstan!!!

12/11/2008  -  MIK
 from: NICOSIA - Cyprus

10/11/2008  -  nikola
 from: kotor - Montenegro
 futsal is very popular in montenegro.the best team is Kataro Kotor

22/10/2008  -  santomi
 from: Semarang - Indonesia
 Tolong kasih tau saya klub futsal di semarang dan alamatnya sekalian kalau ada nomor teleponnya ok

13/10/2008  -  Saam
 from: Semnan - Iran
 futsal planet is best sport website. thanks for all. VIVA IRAN. i think iran have a good national team for world cup.

29/09/2008  -  futsallova
 from: bsb - Brunei
 this is brunei futsal club. . visit for more info.

28/09/2008  -  Hurti Wiedmer Futsal Coach
 from: Switzerland
The best FairplayTeamsport in the World
is: FUTSAL !!!

18/09/2008  -  FCErdre Atlantique
 from: Nantes - France

the best club of france !


21/08/2008  -  falcaojr
The Premier Futsal League in the United States
Videos/Pictures/League Info
Viva Futsal Planet!

11/08/2008  -  The best futsal!!
 from: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 Visit ,the best blog about FUTSAL BRAZILIAN!!!!

22/07/2008  -  etienne
 from: paranavai - parana - Brazil
 ola amigos do futsal no mundo , so passei pra mandar um alo , abracos a todos , ahhh estou saindo do kairat do casakistao , e me transferindo para a tailandia talvez , em breve dou noticias , abracos a todos .

19/07/2008  -  Muratinho
 from: Vienna - Austria
 A NEw Futsal Club in Vienna Austria! Take a LOOK!!!!!

17/07/2008  -  afiah fc
 from: surabaya - Indonesia
 saya inggin eparing untuk mencoba team saya barang kali ada yg berminat silakan hubungi saya

09/07/2008  -  Rogerio
 from: Brazil
 Aou brasileiro, mas torço pela furia espanhola e estaremos buscando oo tri aqui no brasil.
Parabens pelo fusal planet o melhor site de futsal do mundo.

07/07/2008  -  soty
 from: bucharest - Romania
 i want t found,one site,with futsal tehnics&tactics...ho nows?

07/07/2008  -  Dodo
 from: - Slovakia
 Hi futsal friend,

I have very nice futsal DVD collection (see attachment) and I find everybody, who have similar hobby.
I have interest about final play-off and final cup matches. Can you help me ?


04/07/2008  -  TAUFIQ
 from: medan - Indonesia
 hai... saya mau ikutan gabung menjadi anggota club futsal.... kalo baleh tau gimana cara bergabungnya... trimakasih.

03/07/2008  -  Pace
 from: Ouro Branco - Brazil
 Amici Luca ed Mico,

Parabéns por FutsalPlanet.

We love this page!

03/07/2008  -  Pace
 from: Ouro Branco - Brazil
 I am a futsal coach, want to teach futsal in the other countries.

20/06/2008  -  Tyara
 from: Jakarta - Indonesia
 Bagaimana caranya mengikuti suatu perkumpulan sepakbola atau futsal?
Terima kasih

19/06/2008  -  victor hadad
 from: beer sheba - Israel
 i need some matiryl abaut the national teems that participet in saoth amerika qualification games world champ

14/06/2008  -  sahul
 from: kuala lumpur - Malaysia
 hye..anybody want to install futsal,let me know...

17/05/2008  -  Ramin
 from: Azerbaijan
 Hello I want be futsal coach !! please send me the futsal tactic.

14/05/2008  -  ale
 from: bandung - Indonesia
 I am a futsal coach, want to learn about futsal much more, please send me the modern futsal tactic.

13/05/2008  -  mister ERRICO ENRICO
 from: NAPOLI - Italy

07/05/2008  -  john
 from: makassar - Indonesia
 i love this page

04/05/2008  -  williams gatinho
 from: berlin-alemanha -
 ola amigos, sou brasileiro e to morando na alemanha e gostaria muito de jogar fut sal eu uma equipe por aqui

21/04/2008  -  gonn
 from: London - England
 Hey does anyone know what the average wage for a professional futsal player is?

14/04/2008  -  dany gilbert
 from: TAMINES - Belgium
 Can you note the birthday of a futsal player of ACTION 21 CHARLEROI : LILIU 16.04.1978.

Many thanks

05/03/2008  -  Miso Guljas
 from: Subotica - Serbia
 Hello to all futsal fans!
I am from Subotica, small city in Serbia. In my country futsal is not very developed but we have a big success with our national representation (5th in Europe) and Subotica city representation (1st on international futsal tournament in Baja-Hungari, etc). So if any futsal team would like to play good friendly game don''t hesitate to be our quests!
Also, I am asking You to help us in every way You can - truogh literature, sport equipment, etc.
I thank You in advance.
Sinserely Miso

21/02/2008  -  sani
 from: jakarta - Indonesia
 would u like give me how to play / strategi simple for playing futsal tq any way.....i''ll b gratefull wait

19/02/2008  -  Kubilay
 from: Willebroek - Belgium
Yesterday I saw a wonderfull game, the 1/4 finals from the Belgian Cup, FT Antwerpen with his Morroccan players against Morlanwelz, with their Brazilian players.
FT Antwerpen was the strongest team, they won with 9 - 5.
Karim Bali was amazing & unbelievable, you must see him playing IRL.
Kind regards,

11/02/2008  -  Walshy
 from: Kettering Town - Great Britain
 Hey just wanted to say my home team Kettering fc currently top of the English conference north league has French futsal international Jean Paul Marna playing. His pace and quick feet are amazing to see and our supporters reckon he''s the best they''ve seen. He could easily play at a much higher level in England as i''ve seen him dribble round 4 or 5 players with ease. It''s great to see a really skilful, futsal player in the traditional game and shows how great futsal is. Futsal is proper football, unlike the current millionaires playing for the national England team with no pride or technical skill (part from maybe rooney, becks and J cole).

 from: Switzerland

09/02/2008  -  kobat
 from: Slovakia

slovakia futsal club from dubnica

09/02/2008  -  matori
 from: - - Thailand
 hello Iran is the best futsal team in asia and world

30/01/2008  -  max
 from: johor - Malaysia
 Is there any soccer team for under 17 in johor,malayia?

30/01/2008  -  halley
 from: jakarta - Indonesia
 hey where is the video i like to watch collection cideo of the best futsal match because in my country can''t watch futsal match... thanks so i hope you can add video section in this website thanks please....

29/01/2008  -  Carlo
 from: Gross-Gerau - Germany
 Hallo Futsalgemeinde

Der 1.FC Warriors Gross-Gerau veranstaltet zum 2 mal den Legea-Futsal-Cup.Es sind noch 3 startplätze zu vergeben.Infos und anmeldung unter:

18/01/2008  -  gado
 from: kigali - Rwanda
 greetings to all futsal fans and a happy new year at a big fan of futsal from Africa..east africa to be precise and have been following futsal for about 5 years now and its fantastic to see its development is gathering speed particularly in asia and trying to get it started here in rwanda and would appreciate help from anyone involved in the sport..cheers to futsal planet to connecting all futsal fans..

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